Financial Times Special Report: Investing in Young People

The Financial Times has published Special Report: Investing In Young People, taking a look at various issues affecting young people, as well as the capacities of governments, businesses, and non-profits to provide opportunities and face challenges posed by this demographic.

From the Print edition of the Special Report, dated 26th January 2006:

The rising proportion of the population accounted for by people under 25 will stretch governments’ capacity to provide services such as healthcare and education, but this generation also represents a potential engine of global growth.

The key issues listed by their report are: (also from the Print edition)

  • Health and nutrition
  • Recovering from disaster
  • Education
  • Harnessing passions

This Special Report is available online at Among the articles presented in this report are:

  • The World Bank’s focus on young people through the World Development Report 2007, as well as the work of various international agencies in youth development and entrepeneurship
  • The Entra 21 Programme, which aims to find jobs for Latin American youth
  • Products and education geared towards the health needs of youths worldwide
  • Efforts to rehabilitate children affected by the 2004 Tsunami disaster into schools as a way to get back to normal life
  • Initiatives by the UNDP to develop sustainable businesses amongst developing countries
  • Educational projects by private companies, such as Starbucks’ project to collect books from customers to be donated to primary schools
  • A new study aimed at the effectiveness of technology in education
  • Commentary by Enrique V. Iglesias, Secretary-General of the Ibero-American Secretariat, on how young people are critical in economic growth
  • The J8 Program, which allows school students of G8 countries to hold meetings and provide solutions for various world issues
  • Make A Connection, a partnership between Nokia and the International Youth Foundation to instil life skills to youths worldwide

and a few more (the above articles are available in the Print edition). Registration is required.

Youths worldwide are crossing barriers and creating opportunities to make the world better for themselves and for others. This has become especially stronger in these recent few years, as youths become more involved in social, political, and international issues – from grassroots activism to major projects to just a stronger presence and voice.

This Special Report is a precursor to many more that will explore the power of youth energy and the need for major bodies to really take notice and collaborate with this generation, instead of just dismissing them as “ignorant youngsters” – sadly seen in many situations today. Even so, it has been showed that today’s youth are able to fend for themselves and ultimately prove themselves – and make a major difference to the world.

It will be interesting to see if any other publications or reports of a similar nature follow suit. If you have links or resources to any more reports like these, do let me know.

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