World Bank 2006 Essay Competition – Wanted: Your Practical Ideas!

The World Bank has launched their annual Essay Competition for youths 18-25. This year’s topic is Wanted: Your Practical Ideas!

Today is your world! You’re making a difference. You’re working to solve community problems, such as lack of access to education or jobs, the spread of HIV/AIDS or conflict. Yet, the impact of your work does not always receive enough exposure and recognition. Participate now and have your voice heard! The World Bank and its partners invite you to participate in the International Essay Competition 2006 to share your experience and ideas on community work and participation in public life.

To participate, one has to write an essay of no more than 10 pages (4000 words), including a one-page abstract, on one of the two topics:

  • How do you contribute to solving community problems?
  • How do you influence decision making?

Essays should be based either on personal experience, or on ideas. Essays will be graded on originality, clarity, and the use of concrete examples and proposals. The jury consists of people from various world-class universities and development councils, including the University of Texas – San Antonio, Cairo University Egypt, AIESEC International, and much more.

Winners will get between $1000 – $5000 in cash prizes, publication of their essays, as well as participation in the Annual Bank Conference of Development Economics in Tokyo, Japan, on May 29-30 2006.

The deadline for essays is midnight (Central Eastern Time) April 2 2006.

For more information on the topics, submission details, and the competition, visit the official competition site.

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  1. I recently wrote an essay about how the world will end and my 10th grade teacher thought it was really good but could be a lot better so if you want to you can use that idea

    The supporting paragraphs were on war (nuclear and PMS), disease (AIDS, avian, bubonic plague), natural phenominon (global warming, ice age), and the supernatural (God, aliens, Hell freezing over and Zombies walking the earth)

    You can use this or whatever but there it is…

  2. Haha 😀 Well, the name of this year’s topic is “Wanted – Your Practical Ideas”; it’s not so much me looking for ideas for essays. That might be interesting though: “HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM ARMAGEDDON”.

    (and off-topic, but: eee! bats! :D)

  3. Excited may be the word or perhaps worried … either way, I win a lesson that’s all that matters. Hopefully, the essay i submitted will win … not for the money but for the people i would be helping and lessons i would be instilling. Life is beautiful. It just depends on what angle you look. I would like to congratulate everyone who has participated in the essay contest … one way or another, we have tried to help shape our world to a better place. Win or lose, what matters the most is that we did our best. I would also like to thank and congratulate at the same time the sponsors and people involved for organizing this program. God bless and more power. =)

  4. yeah. guess i didn’t win. anyway, as i’ve said, congratulations to everyone who participated. there’s something i realized that i wanted to share so i hope many could read this. Optimism does not mean seeing the world as a beautiful, wonderful place. Optimism is seeing the world as a tainted and corrupted place yet believes that he or she is an instrument to make a contribution to make the world a better place to live in; it is, at the same time, taking actions to make his or her life and the lives of others worthwhile and meaningful.

  5. guys as i said before the essay competitions are for all to win for you dont lose all if you lose the jurys selection you dont lose the skill you have achieved to advance on your thinking ,action, reaction ,approach to certain you all who take time to participate in such.muliki joseph enock

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