CloudBreak Open Forum & The Experientual Learning Cycle

The Cloudbreak Creative Skills Centre is holding a free open talk/forum on Unlocking Your Child’s Creative Potential at the following:

Cloudbreak Creative Skills Centre
P2-2 Plaza Damas
Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Date: Saturday 18th February 2006
Time: 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Their UK trainer, Brian Jones, will introduce their Cycle of Experiential Learning, marketed by Cloudbreak as

…an essential programme pioneered by Cloudbreak to balance the academic focus of Malaysia’s present learning system and ensure a better future for your children.

The Experiential Learning Cycle is actually a concept developed by many educational theorists, with works and research on learning styles going as far back as the 1920s. The CEDPA Training Trainers Manual defines experiential learning as:

Learning by reflecting and then drawing conclusions from your own experience in order to apply them to similar situations in the future.

While the models differ from theorist to theorist, it is generally agreed that the cycle consists of four elements:

Experiential Learning Cycle
  • Experiencing – taking in an experience through all the senses
  • Reflecting – reacting to the experience intuitively, emphasizing on feelings, emotions, and past experience (What just happened to me?)
  • Generalizing – analysing the experience logically, generating concepts and ideas and constructing meanings (So what?)
  • Applying – using the concepts and ideas gained from the experience and applying it to different situations and experiences (Now what?)

This cycle is also often seen as a spiral and not just a circle, signifying growth and evolution as new concepts are applied to new situations and new knowledge is gained.

Much of alternative education is based on experiental learning – learning through active involvement rather than just passive study. Indeed, many organizations involved in alternative education use this cycle in their curriculum (most notably study abroad programs, such as Up With People, whose entire program is based on this cycle), not just Cloudbreak.

It is still quite a new concept in Malaysia though – a country whose education system is largely based on rote memorization, conformity, and strict intepretations – and it’s heartening to see organizations like Cloudbreak introduce and promote this system of learning to the Malaysian masses. Their March school holiday programs look promising, with youth workshops on creative writing, theater, and cooking (or, as they’ve described it, “kitchen theatre”) – definitely a change from endless tuition classes on the same old subjects!

To get more information about the workshops and the school holiday programs, contact Cloudbreak’s office at +603 6201 7701 or email them at

(Thank you to MyWordUp for the heads-up and the Applied Education Team from Up With People for the information on the Experiential Learning Cycle. Chart and information garnered from Amazon.Com: Processing the Experience by John L. Lucknet and Reldan S. Nadler)

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