Help Victor Get Into Up With People!

Update: Due to other commitments, and not enough money, Victor has deferred to the July 2007 semester. He could still use some advice and encouragement, and Up With People really needs all the help they can get. So please contribute however you can! Thank you!

One of my best friends, Victor Gan, has been accepted into the July 2006 semester of Up With People, the program I was on last year.

He's 19 years old (20 in August), originally from Malaysia (Cheras) but now lives in Melbourne, Australia. He's studying Interior Design in RMIT, transferring from LUCT a couple of years ago. He's an extremely talented photographer, singer, and filmmaker and he loves computers, film, and photography. He's quite active in his church, especially when it comes to making multimedia for them. He's very bright and intelligent, a very thoughtful person, and is very thorough and hardworking. He would be UWP's dream tech person!

He's been very keen to participate in Up With People; his only obstacle now is funding. He doesn't come from a well-off family – I believe he has some funding from church-related people for his university – and he's really hoping on a possible AUS$30k deduction on the rest of his university studies if he does well this semester. He's been sent a document with fundraising ideas but isn't sure if he could pull them off. He needs at least US$11800 (AUS$16,025) [no word yet on scholarships; they'll be announced mid-March] and every penny counts!

I have complete faith in this extremely talented young man and I think he will thrive in Up With People, so I'm trying to help him out. Support Him! Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Email him with ideas and suggestions of how he can raise the money. The more specific the better.
  2. Sponsor him! Send in cheques to his account (Victor Gan) at Up with People, 1600 Broadway, Suite 1460, Denver, CO 80202 USA or go to their Donate page and pay via PayPal/credit card. Make sure you specify that it's for him, otherwise it'll be considered a general donation.
  3. Pass the word! Tell other people about Victor, or just pass this URL around. He deserves a lot of positive attention for his cause.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. We have been friends for over two years and I truly feel that this program will benefit him a lot – it definitely benefited me!

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  1. dear tiara,

    i read your article while i was in national service (FUN FUN FUN. and i’m not being sarcastic, it really did rock, to my surprise) and i was so inspired by what you’ve done with your life despite the ‘prerequisite’ of straight A’s everyone stresses upon..

    i just want you to know that you really, really cheered me up. you see, i was really active in school, holding numerous posts, getting involved in anything and everything i could (good times), entering lots of essay writing competitions etc and faring pretty well too.

    the only problem was my academic record. i’m the kind of person who needs to mug when it comes to memorising and my numerous involvements gave me no time for that. (or maybe i sucked at managing my time :P) hence the letdown – 6 A’s in SPM.

    i was pretty sad at first, but rereading your article gave me some semblance of hope. thanks a lot, tiara. you’ve made me remember that there’s more to life than getting straight A’s, more to life than endless mugging and missing out on what’s going around you. you’ve made me realize that i’m not a good for nothing, that i’ve been around, i’ve been involved – i’ve been living life to the fullest (or at least trying to!).

    i owe you one, girl.

    much thanks,

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your post. It means a lot to me. I’m glad to see that there are other people around that are involved and engaged with life – and that my article inspired somebody! It’s really great to hear from people like you – I love hearing stories like these. At least I don’t feel like a mad person, LOL.

    Take care and good luck with National Service!

  3. Oh….wow…Michelle and I have so much in common! Haha….I was totally involved in my extra-co activities last year holding 5 major posts(head of finance Ed Board, prefect secretary, St.Johns, doin first-aid community services..yadda yadda), and I was over-confident thinking that form 4 would be easy-peasy. When mid-term came and my results suffered to the ground, I started to cry so much…..and I really wanted to quit my posts- but I pushed myself to cope, no matter how hard it was- cause I was dignified, and I had the integrity to leave up to my responsibilities(not to be cocky, but seriously, it was the ONE reason I held on to my posts though I felt the pressure piling up as the days passed). Who is going to clean up after me if I just leave my posts without warning? Dump it to someone and have him/her suffer because of my irresponsible attitude? Nope. Now Im in form 5, and believe me, there’s just so much of work to be done to catch up with my academics. Im pouring in twice the effort of my counterparts just to get the same kind of results. Luckily for me, Im in the top and most kiasu class in my school(reason why I started crying when I didnt do well last year, the school streamed the cream into one class, obviously I became the black sheep)And for this, I push myself to work harder if not the same pace as my classmates, or I will be left behind. I did fairly well in my early term…and facing my mid-term now. I set a goal of 5 A’s in March and I met it by getting 6=)Mid term- 7 A’s. Hopefully, my trials and forecast will be a straight. If I studied last year like how I study today, I would have definitely been top in class. Anyways, doin badly last year thought me a lot of things. For one, I used to be shy letting people know that I didnt understand certain math concepts, while all my friends understood(Im weak in add math…VERY WEAK) and instead of asking teacher I would go home and figure them out myself, I was immature to do that. Now I bombard teacher with questions n am responsible for slowing down her classes. What I found out was that I actually did favours for others by asking those questions (yes, now I know that they too dont understand!;D )What compells me to ask questions now is largely due to the fact that my exams will suffer like last year if I dont ask. Its survival. Yes, I really think this SPM thing is a game of survival- like a battlefield. For those who have exceptional and phenomenal memory power and good math logics, well lucky them. I however am one of the many victims of this ever-so discriminating system. But I believe that I can get my straight A’s, the willpower is burning inside of me. I am also harbouring dreams of entering UWC and the ivy’s. Though my report card is suddenly flawed from last year, if there’s a will there’s always a way. My advice to ‘victims’ out there, dont complain, dont regret, it’s not going to get you out. You’ll still be sitting for that thing called SPM at the end of the year. Just keep moving along…..=) -Jane-
    p.s. Anyone here got advice on how I should prepare if I wanna study in the US in the future? I know it’s early, but where there’s vision, determination builds=)

  4. o darn.I think Jane has a good point there.I wasplaying a fool in form 4 thinking thinking i was smart enough.Then at the mid terms i only scored 7 as.I never learned a lesson.Then at the end of the year exams i scored 7as again.The following year,after realising that the smartest people in Klang have already left me far away behind,I decided to study hard.Then i stopped playing Dota.My mid year exams only iproved slightly-8as

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