AFS Exchange Programs For Adults

Ever wanted to be an exchange student but you had already left school? Wanted to be part of an AFS International program but were too old for the Malaysian exchange programs?

You're in luck; AFS Malaysia have just announced their Adult Exhange Programs, for those aged 17 and over. Here is an overview of the various programs (taken from The Star's article🙂

Argentina (University programme)
Duration: 11 months (August 2006 – July 2007)
Age requirement: 18-26 years old
Fee: RM25,000
Participants will attend public college or university courses from August to December and from March to June. Courses offered are Law, Philosophy, Communications (Journalism), Accounting, Economy, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Agronomy, Microbiology, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, History, Physical Education, Veterinary Science, Educational Psychology, English, French and German.

Egypt (ABC to Egyptian culture)
Duration: Four weeks (June 2006 – July 2006)
Age requirement: 18-25 years old
Fee: RM9,500
A one-month summer programme which exposes participants to the cultural events that have helped to shape Egypt’s history.

Hungary (Folk art)
Duration: Four weeks (June 2006 – July 2006)
Age requirement: 18-25 years old
Fee: RM9,500
Participants will focus on the history of ethnic minorities in the region as well as get the chance too express their creativity in weaving, pottery making and woodcarving.

Paraguay (Soccer)
Duration: Seven weeks (July 2006 – August 2006)
Age requirement: 17-25 years old
Fee: RM14,000
A chance to develop soccer skills in a seven-week training course in a prestigious club, under the watchful eye of one of the most celebrated soccer trainers in Paraguay.

Guatemala (Community service)
Duration: Seven weeks (August 2006 – September 2006)
Age requirement: 18-50 years old
Fee: RM14,000
Participants will get the opportunity to work as volunteers in NGOs in Guatemala in the areas of social development, children care and environmental issues.

Applications close April 15th 2006 so hurry! There's something for everybody and it's a great opportunity, a chance of a lifetime. For more information:

Good luck and do let us know if you get in – we'd love to hear your experiences!

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  1. so interested!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. good day,

    I am Georgian (Caucasus), I left the BBA of ESM-Tbilisi(Europan School Management) in Tbilisi. I am an employee of United Telecom of Georgia since 2008 April, this is a telecomunicating company, which provides Georgian peaople with fixed telephony, internet, wireless telephony etc. I work for one of the departments, in which my responsibilities are : logistic(phones), doing some kind of reports per week, per month, etc. I want some kind of exchange programme, which helps me improving my business english, comunicating skills in english, and also it would be better if I get some work experience in telecomunicating business.

    Let me inform you, that because of worldwide crizis, according to economic Georgia is in a very bad situation, and here is no more availability to improve my career well.
    If you have programmes wich would be adequate for me, please inform me on my E-mail.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,

    Giorgi Jamelashvili

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