6-Month Exchange in the USA – With Scholarships!

The Star’s Youth2 has just reported on an amazing opportunity for Malaysian youths wishing to experience American culture one-on-one.

AFS Malaysia and the US State Department have come together to give Malaysian students aged 15-18 (and disabled Malaysian students 15-17) the opportunity to take part in a six-month intercultural exchange to the United States. You’ll get to stay with American families and experience the culture first-hand.

Best of all, there is a full scholarship!

I’ve lived with American host families before (through Up With People and they are amazing people. So friendly, so warm, and often a brilliant learning experience. They weren’t hung up about what culture you are or where you’re from; they were willing to teach and learn. Indeed, they become family to you! I have no doubt that anyone who participates in this program will have a great time.

If you want to apply, download the application form from their website, or contact them at +603 77224866/77254966 or info-mas@afs.org.

The closing date is 31st May 2006 so hurry!

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  1. Hi Tiara,
    I’m in form 5 this year and I’m interested to take part in the YES programme. From the website, it is stated we will only return on July 2007. My main concern is that i will not be able to return on time to get my spm results and proceed with my other application like college enrolment, scholarship application etc, would it be wise for us to take part in this programme? If yes, how should I deal with my proceedings in Malaysia since I’m in the states?

  2. Hi Hui Ming,

    I’d say go for it! You don’t need to rush to enter college – there are always midyear intakes, or even go next year. The colleges and the scholarships will still be there.

    This opportunity – or the timing – might not come around again. Best to take it when you can. It may also help you with scholarships and college applications as it shows a different side of yourself as well as the ability to be independent, learn from other cultures, etc.

    You can always delegate someone to collect your results for you. You might want to write an authorization letter – “I, Hui Ming of IC# 1230598324 authorize So and So IC # 324829304 to collect my SPM results on my behalf as I am in the United States” – though I’m not entirely sure that’s necessary. You can also do many things online.

    It looks like participants for the Year program must be in Form 5 anyway, so I’m sure AFS will be able to provide insight as this is a situation they must be expecting. You can contact them at info-mas@afs.org

    Basically – GO FOR IT. It is an experience of a lifetime, so take it while you can!

    Good luck!

  3. i was interested but when i inquired, i found out that only form 5 students are eligible to apply. oh well.

  4. i was also interested but i want to go there when i finished spm exam ….. actually i’m in form 4 this year.. so i hope that i can go there next year


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