Hey 16-Year-Olds (And Women) – Oprah Wants You!

I don’t usually make more than one post in a day, but this was just too interesting to pass up.

Top talk show host Oprah Winfrey is looking for 16-year-old youths around the world to profile in an upcoming episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. From their website:

Are you a 16-year-old girl living outside the United States? Where do you live(city and country)? The Oprah show is doing a program comparing the lives of 16-year-old girls living in different countries all over the world. Tell us what life is like in your home country. Tell us about your family- what makes them unique? Are you extremely wealthy or poor? What are your interests? Favorite activities? What is shopping and fashion like? Do teenagers diet, exercise, get plastic surgery? What do you do for fun with your friends? What is your current dating situation? Do you work? If so, where? Do you volunteer? What do you do that is extraordinary? What are your goals? What are your fears? We are interested in your story. Please be prepared to share your views on camera.

If you or another 16-year-old in your life fits the bill, fill up the form here. Who knows, you might just be interviewed by Oprah herself! Pass the word on too.

In the meantime, check our her list of The 50 Young People Oprah Wants You To Meet, the winners of her National High School Essay Writing Competition. Some very inspirational people in there.

EDIT: If you’re over 16, don’t fret – Oprah’s also looking for women around the world, regardless of age. You just have to be from outside the USA.

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6 Responses

  1. should have told me more than 10 yrs ago, then again, i’m a guy. =/

  2. keep telling yourself that, ky 😀

    oprah sucks 😛

  3. hahahaha. oh no. do i get paid though? will she gave out cars like she did before?

  4. ChengSim: who knows? Everything she does is a surprise.

  5. Oprah doesn’t really appeal to me much anymore…Tyra Banks…now, you’re talking! 😀

    Then again, I’m a guy too, and of course, I much prefered the younger and sassier talk show host.

    But will Tyra’s longevity match that of Oprah’s? The jury’s still out on that, considering that she’s always multi-tasking – supermodel, TV talk show host, up-and-coming singer, actor, reality TV show creator, host, producer and judge. She’s a lady of many talents, which is why I give her my support rather than Oprah, who could only talk and talk and cry and cry…

  6. Does Tyra do charity and humanitarian work? Make an effort to connect with people from around the world?

    Oprah’s a multitasker too. Actress, lecturer, humanitarian, advocate, producer…

    They are two different people but let’s not decry all the things Oprah has done – and is still doing – just because she’s almost become an old cliche.

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