Blogathon: #4 – The “Now What” Feeling

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Right now I have a bit of the “now what” feeling.

Currently: I just posted a really poignant blog post, and now everything else doesn’t seem to come up right. I have a list of topics to go through, but after that post, it’s a little hard to tackle.

Long Run: Right now I’m in uni. I’m actually writing this from my dorm room (where I’m hoping my quota does not run out before 11pm tonight – it’s already past midnight here). Classes have started, and I’m not completely sure they were what I was expecting.

One class, a required introductory for one of my submajors, is a lot tougher than I bargained for – it has enough material to be a degree of their own. All the others (like this one) have major and continual writing assignments. It’s a lot of busy work, and I don’t know if I have the time. Add volunteering, and looking for a job, and other activities…how will I balance them all?

A lot of time and effort went into coming here, and now the “now what” feeling sinks in. OK, I’ve started classes. Now what? O-Week for IH is coming to a close. Now what? I have all these difficult classes to go through. Now what?

Even coming after a completely joyful experience can give that “Now what” feeling – especially so, really. I’ve just travelled around the world, and had the time of my life. Now what? I just performed to a large appreciative audience. Now what? I just had my dreams come true. Now what?

How do we battle the “now what”s? Do we start planning our nect actions step-by-step, so we never need to ask “now what”? Do we just go with the flow? Do we not care about the “now what” and just do it anyway?

What are the “now what”s indicators of? Fear? Uncertainty? Conflict? When do you get your “now what”s, and what do you do to find out what to do now? How do we find something that gives us the answers to “now what”s? Are “now what”s inevitable?

Sponsor Me – Raised: $36 – Sponsors: 3 – Sponsor Me


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  1. In many parts and times of our lives, they are. They’re essential as they’re the part of the trip that makes us stop and re-evaluate what we want to do, and at the same time affording our bodies the one thing we need the most; rest.

    So “Now Whats?” aren’t to be feared. They should be welcomed, so something is closed… and we can then move on.


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