Reminder: Blogathon – And An Incentive

In a little more than 12 hours from now, the Blogathon will begin. I’ll be blogging for Up With People (more details here) – and I need more sponsors!

So far I have 1 sponsor of $20.00 (thanks Naoko!) But I could certainly use more!

Sponsor me – and you will get something special.

For each verified and proofed donation of $20.00, you will receive an MP3 file of an Up With People song. So for example, if you donated $40, you can choose 2 songs. The songs you can choose from are:

It Takes A Whole Village
One 2 One
Can We Sing A Song Of Peace?
We Are Many, We Are One
With Everything Changing
Moon Rider
Live It Live
What Colour Is God’s Skin?
Does It Really Matter?
We’ll Be There
Beat Of The Future
Give The Children Back Their Childhood
The Sound Of Peace
El Puente
I Am A Person
Pays De Coeur/Hartelijk Land
Room For Everyone
Where The Roads Come Together
Unspoken Words
Rhythm Of The World
Keep The Beat
Calling Home

Also, any verified and proofed donation of $50 and above will receive an .MP3 of Up With People – either the folksy 1965 version, or the contemporary 1998 version.

All the songs reflect Up With People’s musical and human diversity, with a variety of styles, song content, and vibes, spanning a 41-year musical history (with more to come!). I often get visitors coming here looking for an “Up With People” MP3 – well here’s your chance! These MP3s are not available elsewhere (unless you manage to obtain an Up With People CD, which is not commercially available), and you can only get them if you donate!

Also, if you are Up With People alumni, have been involved with them somehow (staff, host family, community project, etc), or even just saw a show, please email me! I’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget…

Sponsor Me!

All songs (c) Up With People/ASCAP except One 2 One (c) 1993 F2O Songs and I Am A Person (c) 1993 Flame Music.

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