Blogathon: #14 – Review: The Teenager’s Guide to School Outside the Box

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The past few posts delved into my charity’s history – heavy subject matter. Let’s go into something different for a while.

Rebecca Greene’s The Teenagers’ Guide to School Outside the Box is a great primer for those who want to explore alternative education but don’t want to (or can’t) do something completely radical like unschooling or homeschooling. Grenne provides plenty of ideas on various options to complement your education while in high school or just of high school:

  • Volunteering
  • Taking college classes – dual enrollment, distance learning, summer school, early admission, etc
  • Mentoring – being one and getting one
  • Job shadowing (following someone around for a day to see their job first hand)
  • Interships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Camps and overseas travel
  • Study abroad

Contained in every chapter are first-person testimonials from youths who have done such programs, plenty of resources (print, Internet, actual organizations), tips and tricks, quotations, and so much more. It provides great information on alternative forms of learning in a way that’s easy to digest; instead of saying “oh, this is out of my league”, readers can now feel “oh, I can do this!”.

While the book is aimed at teenagers (specifically Americans), I find this book to be very useful for anyone interested in alternative education, regardless of age. Some of the options can apply to any age and type of person, whether in school or out of school or somewhere in between. Parents, teachers, and mentors would find this book especially useful for their children and charges; they can motivate their kids to find various options for obtaining a whole, rich, holistic education from many sources.

Rebecca Greene’s The Teenagers’ Guide to School Outside the Box (ISBN: 1575420872) is published by Free Spirit Publishing and can be bought in stores, on the Free Spirit website, or on

Sponsor Me – Raised: $36 – Sponsors: 3 – Sponsor Me

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