Blogathon: #17 – A Little Breather

Sponsor Me – Raised: $36 – Sponsors: 3 – Sponsor Me

I thought I’d take a little time out from the usual Blogathon posts (alternative education and Up With Peopele) to give a brief over about how the Blogathon’s going so far.

Being in Australia and starting at 11pm, I went through the midnight shift first. It was quite the experience, to say the least…being sleep-deprived, having that affecting your ability to think, concentrate, and write, trying to stay focused on writing. Having friends to chat with online definitely helped loads.

I still need sponsors! I have three so far, totalling $36 – I know we can do better than that. Donations above $20 get an Up With People song of their choice (as long as I have it); over $50 gets you the actual “Up With People” file. Sponsor me!

I’m surprised that I’m not getting as much email as usual. Normally I’d wake up and check my email first thing and I have quite a few emails to go through. Now it’s rather quiet. Hmm. People, do respond and write back 🙂

There’s still more to come – book reviews, thoughts in education, specific alternative education information, youth issues, more Up With People thoughts. Please keep on supporting me, Up With People, and the rest of Blogathon! It’s very much appreciated.

Sponsor Me – Raised: $36 – Sponsors: 3 – Sponsor Me

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