Blogathon: #18 – From The Librarian

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A while ago I came across the website for the New York Public Library, which had an Ask The Librarian section. I asked the librarian for resources on alternative education and she gave me the following titles:

The Parents’ Guide to Alternatives in Education by Ronald Koeztsch Ph.D.

But What If I Don’t Want To Go To College?: A Guide To Success Through Alternative Education by Harlow Unger

Guerrilla Learning : How To Give Your Kids A Real Education With or Without School by Grace Llewellyn

The Teenagers’ Guide to School Outside the Box by Rebecca Greene

Alternative Schooling for African American Youth : Does Anyone Know We’re Here? by Christopher Dunbar

We just reviewed one of the books, but what about the others? Have you read them? What do you think? What other books would you recommend about alternative education?

Sponsor Me – Raised: $36 – Sponsors: 3 – Sponsor Me


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