Blogathon: #23 – How Else To Help Up With People?

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There are more ways to help out Up With People, not just through monetary donations! Here’s how:

Apply as a student – Up With People aims to have around 100 people per cast starting 2007 – that could be between 200-400 people for the whole of ’07. To do that they need people to apply! Just go to their application form, fill it up, and send it in! It’s free to apply. Fees are US$11,800 for a semester and US$19,500 for a year, which includes internal transport (plane, bus, train, etc), lodging, meals, opportunities, staff services, and a lot more. Scholarships are also available so don’t worry about the price tag! It’s cheaper than a lot of similar programs anyway, but such a great deal.

Come to the show – Up With People needs audiences for their weekly Celebrations/shows. Most of these will be benefit concerts, with all proceeds going to a local charity. If you are in the following cities during these dates, keep an eye out for an Up With People cast near you:

North America

Denver, CO July 8 – Aug 6

North Platte, NE Aug 7 – Aug 13
Kansas City, KS Aug 14 – Aug 20
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Aug 21 – Aug 27
Mankato, MN Aug 28 – Sept 3
Sioux Falls, SD Sept 4 – Sept 10
Waukesha/Milwaukee, WI Sept 11 – Sept 17

Omura, Nagasaki, Japan Sept 18 – Sept 24
Ueda, Nagano, Japan Sept 25 – Oct 1

Suita, Osaka, Japan Oct 2 – Oct 8
Uda, Nara, Japan Oct 9 – Oct 15
Toyota, Aichi, Japan Oct 16 – Oct 22
Tama, Tokyo, Japan Oct 23 – Oct 29

Bruxelles, Belgium Oct 30 – Nov 5
Nijmegen, Netherlands Nov 6 – Nov 12

Rostock, Germany Nov 13 – Nov 19
Köln, Germany Nov 20 – Nov 26
Bern, Switzerland Nov 27 – Dec 3
Modena, Italy Dec 4 – Dec 10

Be a host family – being a host family lets you host some Up With People students (you can choose how many) and teach them about your life while letting them teach you about theirs! It’s a very rewarding experience and often you will end up being family anyway! All you’ll need to provide is a week’s worth of lodging, evening meals, transport to and fro the facilities (or at least assistance with it) and packed lunches for travel days. One day each week is a designated Host Family day, for you and your host kids to get together. You don’t have to be a “family” – previous host families included gay couples, singles, students, cohabitants, housemates, young adults, and so many others! If you’re interested, check out the Host Family page for more information and contact details.

Be a community partner – the host cities are run by LOCs (Local Organizing Committees), which manage Up With People’s arrival into the city and arrange for their activities, facilities, and so on. Typical LOCs consist of a coordinator, an Up with People alumni, city government, sponsor, media, education and community partner. This is completely voluntary, but very interesting – you’ll get to meet regularly and arrange the arrival of people from all over the world! Make your city famous! Their LOC page has more information.

Be a corporate sponsor – corporations and companies today have Corporate Social Responsiblity, which makes sure that the corporation gives back to the community and to society. Here’s one way for your company to do just that! Up With People is looking for corporate sponsors for future tours – one major sponsor of theirs has been Toyota, which even publicizes Up With People in their Aichi showhouse! Here’s more information on corporate sponsorship.

Be a university/college partner – Up With People is constantly looking out for opportunities to make it easier for college students to participate in their program. Currently they have agreements with Hawaii Pacific University and Carroll College to grant full credit for specific courses based on their Up With People participation. They are also looking for university affiliates, who will help promote Up With People and coordinate students’ interest and preparation. More information on being a University/College partner

Donate resources – Are you a restaurant willing to feed 80 hungry youths? Got some space in a building you can lend for a week? If you think you can contribute something in kind, please contact Up With People! They’d really appreciate it! Check out the Donate page and contact Linda Farley at the address given.

There are plenty of ways to help out Up With People, not just through donations. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not still looking for sponsorships…so SPONSOR ME!

Sponsor Me – Raised: $36 – Sponsors: 3 – Sponsor Me

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