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Ever since I came here I’ve been quite in awe of how much youth initiative and support is available in Australia. There are so many avenues for youths to express themselves, get together, and get support. Self-publications are common, there are meetings and gigs and collectives everywhere, and there seems to be a program or event for any sort of youth out there.

Here are some examples:

The Source is a government-based site full of resources for youth ages 12-25. Various links and information are available on all sorts of topics – from life topics such as school, money, and health, to specific youth programs and opportunities. It’s great to see the government very supportive of its youth. (I know some may disagree, but it’s a lot better than what I’ve seen back home at least.) is an online magazine geared towards young Australians. You can contribute articles on issues that are important to you, participate in projects, and even show off your own creativity.

NOISE is another website that showcases creative works, not just from Australia but from all over the world. It is the main hub of the Spirit of Youth Awards, which offers cash, flight tickets, and mentorships to winning youths. There are also many other projects (exhibitions, magazines, etc) that you can participate in through NOISE. Their selection process can be a bit idiosyncratic (none of my writings have been approved yet but my pictures have) but it’s a good avenue to start.

Youth2Youth is an organization that creates skills-based workshops for schoolchildren and young adults. Their focus is largely on entrepenuership – creating your own opportunities, obtaining business skills, organizing and setting up projects, and so on. They have two free online magazines – FRANK, a magazine geared towards young women that’s meant to be an alternative to glossy girl mags, and IGNITE!, filled with information for young entrepeneurs. Their Hot Links section is a sight to behold!

The Program provides opportunities for youths in the creative industries to get involved in major projects and get their name and art out into the world. Artistic youths can post their works, place listings, hear about upcoming arts events and opportunities, and connect with likeminded youth throughout the country.

Do you have any other links (based in any country) for similar youth-based initiatives? Do share.

Sponsor Me – Raised: $61 – Sponsors: 5 – Sponsor Me

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