Blogathon: #28 – International Study/Work Opportunities

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I was nearly out of ideas when the latest issue of GoAbroad‘s email newsletter arrived in my inbox. This newsletter regularly contains information on various international programs – study abroad, work abroad, volunteering, internships, and much more. Here’s what they have in store this issue:

BridgeAbroad organizes trips to other countries to learn languages at affordable prices. Right now they’re having a South American special:

And now, with our South America special, if you register for three weeks of Spanish or Portuguese classes at any of these award-winning schools before August 31, you’ll get an additional week of group classes for free!

They promise learning through full immersion, with various activities and homestays to help you along. You can find out more information or request a brochure at their website.

i-to-i Online TEFL organizes online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification courses for anyone who is interested in teaching English overseas. You can request a free trial, and I think there is a special offer going on until July 31st, so check it out!

Campus Earth is currently taking in applications for study, internship, and volunteer programs in China. You can take Chinese classes, be an accredited ESL teacher in China, volunteer in orphanages, cystic fibrosis homes, and senior centers, intern in Shanghai, or combine someof the programs together!

The Global Volunteering Network is holding a Training Program in New Zealand for those interested in learning about NGO management, international business & volunteering, or development studies. Students work on various projects with GVN in their offices and participate in workshops related to marketing, promotions, NGO management, journalism, fundraising, and much more. You need to be over 18 and be able to head to New Zealand. There is a US$350.00 Application fee and a US$1200.00 Program fee. This sounds like a very good opportunity, so if you’re into non-profits or volunteering or development, take a look around this one!

If I find any other opportunities I’ll pass them along.

Sponsor Me – Raised: $61 – Sponsors: 5 – Sponsor Me

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