Blogathon: #34 – Songs Review

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If I’m going to be offering songs for donations, I might as well tell you what the songs are about! So here’s the first set of the Songs Review:

Ayiko – an African-influenced, very upbeat song about working together as a community (“Ayiko” means “to pull together”). The metaphor used is one of a fishing village, catching and sharing the fish together. In the original show, Roads, this was the name of the youth group in the center of the story. A fun groovy song.

It Takes A Whole Village – another African-inspired song, but a lot more laidback and slower. It’s basically about the proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child” – how communities should, again, work together for the common good. The version we performed in Denver in April is more upbeat and fun – has a jungley vibe to it. The one I have is the original.

One 2 One – no this is not a Prince song! The song tells a few stories about people helping each other in circumstances where others may just ignore them. (pulling a man up from the street, for example.) A ballad, often perfomed with sign language during the chorus.

Can We Sing A Song Of Peace? – another ballad, more of a “power ballad”, asking about whether we’ll ever see peace in this lifetime.

Live It Live – I’m listening to it now for the first time! About living life (think those “high on life” adages). Has a Beatlesque/Fleetwood Mac vibe to it (akin to the songs from that era). Positive and upbeat.

We’ll Be There – one of those ballads you use to close a show for strong effect (that was what we did for the Denver show). The power builds up over time, and the choirs are let loose by the end. Very hopeful; if you see it live you may go “whoa” by the end.

What Colour is God’s Skin? – also listening to it now for the first time. Probably the only UWP song that’s really “religious” due to references to God. A piano-based song, almost Carpenters-like, about a boy who asks his mum “what colour is God’s skin?”. The idea is that “everyone’s the same in the Good Lord’s eyes” – all humans are equal. Apparently this song’s really popular.

More song reviews coming soon!

Sponsor Me – Raised: $76 – Sponsors: 6 – Sponsor Me

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