Blogathon: #35 – Songs Review 2

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Here are more reviews of the Up With People songs I have on offer in exchange for sponsorships and donations:

Does It Really Matter? – Listening to it right now. It’s one of a handful of songs that reference or sample Martin Luther King’s speech. The lead is very exaggerated and dramatic, like he’s acting a role. The song’s about whether race or skin colour should determine your character. (I think there’s a few songs released about the same time, since there’s quite a few songs with the “does your skin colour matter” theme.) Theaterical.

We Are Many, We Are One – about diversity: different cultures, different places, but all equal. Sounds like those old-time TV sitcom jingles, like “Brady Bunch” or the sitcom Michael J. Fox was in when he was younger.

Give The Children Back Their Childhood – another Carpenters-esque (or ballady ABBA) song urging the world to think of the kids when it comes to war and strife. Has a very war-protestor feel to it.

Standing On Up – also mentions the Lord, which suits the style – very gospel. Another Martin Luther King song, so you can figure out what it’s about by now.

Room For Everyone – a contemporary, pop-py song about diversity; we’re all different but there’s still room for everyone to live together. One of the few songs where you can’t really tell which era it’s made in (seriously. A lot of Up With People songs you can tell right off the bat when it was made. It personifies the era.).

Rhythm Of The World – this one samples MLK’s speech, as well as a few other pop-culture things. The lyrics’ gone through a lot of changes, but it’s generally about how human diversity can be compared to an orchestra; we are all different instruments. There’s a long drum instrumental in the middle because during the show, the MC steps in and gets the audience to clap to the different rhythms; there is also an African chant in there.

Beat of the Future – similar to Rhythm Of The World in using music as a metaphor for humanity. Sounds like late 80s rocks.

Unspoken Words – This song, if released to radio now, has the best chance of being a commercial hit. A contemporary pop-rock song about body language; often performed with sign language and intepretive dance (very pretty to look at). The singer sounds like a rock-ier Clay Aiken; maybe he should cover this one.

More songs coming up – and OK OK, I’ll get back to proper posts in a bit.

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