Blogathon: #38 – Education, Politics, and Blogs

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This is an intriguing thing I’ve observed about blogs that deal with education in some form:

  • Unschoolers tend to be very liberal, sometimes radically so
  • Homeschoolers tend to be middle-conservative, often Christian (which informs their beliefs on education)
  • Many general education bloggers are on the conservative side
  • There aren’t a lot of education blogs that are liberal or nonpolitical (this one’s non-political, perhaps more towards the liberal side)

Why is this? Are conservatives generally more interested in education? Are educationalists generally more conservative? Where are the other political voices in education? Where are the non-political education bloggers?

Any ideas? It’s hard enough as it is to find people who deal with alternative education.

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One Response

  1. growing up in my family – we would definitely have been classified as the traditional “conservative Christians” – but we were TOTALLY unschoolers!!!! We never studied “curriculum” in the traditional sense – and yet… we all turned out to be well educated, and productive members of society.

    Go figure.

    But as far as the issue of politics? Not sure. I know for ME, I have been able to form my own political ideology as a pseudo-adult… in spite of the ULTRA conservative leanings of my family. I think in a lot of ways it rides on what you’re exposed to. Whether willingly… or by birth. 🙂

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