Blogathon: #41- Uniformed Societies, pt 2

So, what does the Uniformed Societies offer for alternative education that the schools don’t provide? Here’s where the quote from the previous post comes into play:

It offers the skills you may need in one point or another in our lives. And not only that, it gives you the opportunity to actually practise those skills in a safe environment rather than simply learning about it from a textbook.

I was a Brownie when I was in primary school (Grade School for the Americans, I believe) and then I went on to be a Girl Guide in lower secondary (Junior High) and finally joined the Rangers when I was a senior. Being in those societies (especially later when I became a monitor and joined in the English Language societies, though no sports) taught me a lot of useful things, most of which I practise by instinct now rather than the book they taught us from.

I know that my friends from the Red Crescent Society and the St. John’s Ambulance learnt the skills to save lives (first aid). I know that my friends in the Scouts learnt how to do some pretty nifty knots, how to make things from scratch (they were ingenious in my secondary school when it came to making game stalls) and we learnt, especially during the Sports Day, how to work as a team.

None of these skills could be taught. It also did something most educational systems find difficult to do; bring us together regardless of race and religion. It taught us that beyond being an A student and by extension, the rat-race there were avenues for us to explore on how we could become better human beings.

And the best thing of all?

We chose what we wanted to be. What we wanted to commit to. (Although yes, we HAD to join the Uniformed Societies, but in the end we could do what we wanted to do).

And that made the learning process bearable and fun.

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  1. I hated sports as a kid, so was never part of any sporting events…although I did finish a surprising third in a 100m sprint qualifying round. Only the top two proceed to the next round though. 😀

    I joined Red Crescent Society in Grade School before I went into St. John’s Ambulance all through Junior High and my Senior year. I prided myself in knowing how to conduct the heimlich manouver and CPR, although I still can’t get bandages…

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