Blogathon #43: Clubs and Societies

Hie guys! As you can see, Ti’s not here, so I’ll be here to cover her until the end of Blogathon. Since we’ve already covered the topic of Uniformed Societies, I thought why not continue with the theme and start covering Clubs and Societies.

In Malaysia, every subject had a Club or Society attached to them. This, I think, was so that students who loved the subjects and excelled in them would have an additional place to practise them, and it also afforded students like me who had crushes on seniors a chance to mingle with them and to exchange knowledge.

These classes often went outside the textbook, teaching us in a more relaxing manner, or helping us learn that there were other ways to learn the subject minus just being in class. For many, it was another chance to socialize, but again, it just seemed like a “Un-Uniformed” society, as we weren’t as stringent, nor did we have to wear our uniforms to these meetings.

If the Uniformed Societies taught us to be disciplined (though some may complain that they weren’t THAT disciplined after all, I should know cause I’m one of them :p) the CS taught us how to have fun with school subjects, and it taught us how to enjoy the subject without the teacher.

And hey, Alternative Ed’s not just about learning in the books.

The next post might be a bit delayed as I’m walking home (think about 10 minutes) but it should be about Self-Access Learning. What’s that? Now that, you’d have to wait for the next post!


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