Blogathon: #44- SAC

Or Self Access Learning.

When I was a small kid, wayyy back in primary school, my classmates and I were introduced to this module called “SAL.” I always loved SAL as it meant a time to simply laze back when it came to learning English, though I was never diligent enough to finish the required Five exercises to gain the reward, which was to read the storybooks in that room. It was the only time in our school timetable that we were allowed to read storybooks during learning periods.

Why am I bringing this up?

Self-Access Learning was actually the Government’s attempt to get the students to choose their own learning materials and for them to learn English at their own pace. During this time, students (mostly those below 12) were encouraged to go to a small shelf/filing place with a certain color, pick the exercise they wanted, and then complete that exercise, using the final code at the back to go look for the answer sheet to see if they got everything correct.

The files were all color-coded (I remembered taking a lot of the easy ones, and those were yellow, I think) and choosing all the ones that I knew I had the answer to. The excerises weren’t easy, but they were fun to do. One of them involved standing in front of a mirror to see what the words looked like in a proper sequence.

It was a different method of learning, and I wonder how many schools still practise it. That exercise showed me that I had to learn things on my own, and I couldn’t rely on being spoonfed, but in my later years, I was.

However, SAL is definately an alternative mode of teaching and learning, so if you’re the one doing the teaching, you might want to think about adopting it for your next class.

Now… what do I write in 30 minutes? ^_^

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