Blogathon #45 – Apprenticeships

Ok… So I’m talking about the various methods of Alternative Education.. This is interesting.


In most places these days they’re called Industrial Training, where you learn the skills on the Job (for some reason, shows like the Apprentice and the Simple Life 3: Interns come to mind). I’m not talking about those apprenticeships.

I’m talking about the ones where you are actually APPRENTICED to a person in that business for at least 6-7 years of your life to learn the skills.

In Malaysia, a lot of the normal mechanics still do that. A large number of their personnel (their staff) have been with them for years, especially after dropping out of high school. They’re given some pocket money and plenty of hard work in order for them to learn the ropes. For them, it’s a different environment from school and it’s one where they get to learn something useful and something that they can survive on in the future.

It may seem traditional, but this method of learning is still viable and alive. And the good thing about it?

It gives these kids another chance. Dropping out of school isn’t that bad after all.

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