Blogathon: #49 – WrapUp

Sponsor Me – Raised: $76 – Sponsors: 6 – Sponsor Me

So this is the last post for the Blogathon! After our community projects on the tour, we would get together for a wrap-up session, which allowed us to process our experiences and share what we’ve learnt. So consider this a Blogathon wrap-up.

We managed to raise (as of me writing this) $76. US$71 and AUS$5. To be honest I am slightly disappointed at the amount; my first attempt at Blogathon (well, Project-Blog), I managed to raise $137 with very minimal promotion. This time around, I promoted it everywhere – my crew list, BoG, alumni, LJ, elsewhere, tried the Blogathon games, and got very little in comparison. There is still time to donate, and Up With People takes donations year-round, so please contribute where you can!

I would like to thank the following people:

  • My sponsors – thanks for the support
  • Naoko for so graciously filling in for me when I was away
  • Sara and the bSpies for being cool monitors
  • Lorelle for being pretty much the only UWP alumni person reading and promoting this! Really great to have reconnected with you!
  • Everyone else that has read through and followed our Blogathon journey
  • Everyone that promoted me on their blogs
  • People that chatted with me online (MSN, Skype, Google Talk, IRC), whether I know you or not
  • Up With People, for being gracious and excited about the idea – I hope you’re not too disappointed with the $76!

Here’s a recap of all our Blogathon posts:

Thank you for your support and time and have a good life! Don’t forget to sponsor!

Sponsor Me – Raised: $76 – Sponsors: 6 – Sponsor Me


2 Responses

  1. You did WONDERFULLY! I can understand the disappointment factor… but think of it as $76 they wouldn’t have received had you not made this effort! Besides … there are still two days left. Anything could happen. 🙂

    Rest well!!

  2. Tiara dear,

    Sorry to hear about the amount of money and the disappointment – but you did a fantastic job! I enjoyed your posts and would have reached into my pocket had I had a credit card/way to sponsor you.

    Great job dear – even if you haven’t enriched the fund much, you’re certainly enriched the minds of many 🙂


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