International Youth Volunteering Summit ’07 – Apply Now!

The International Youth Volunteering Summit is a new annual summit aimed at getting young people around the world together to discuss issues based on volunteering, non-profits, and helping the world. It is part of a planned series of activities, such as fellowships and foundations, to get youth to make a difference internationally and in their communities. From their website:

IYVS is a place for young people who care deeply about global progress to come together to understand the challenges and opportunities for their engagement; to hone the skills and mindsets that will enable them to better plan, execute, and participate in change-focused projects, and connect with like-minded peer communities from around the world.

Currently they are calling in applications for delegates for their second annual summit:

International Youth Volunteering Summit ’07
Dates: Feb 22-25, 2007
Location: Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

While the participants will be predominantly American, they are recruiting 10 international youths aged 18-25 to be part of this summit as well. Applications are free: you will need contact details of a reference, as well as a 400-500 word project proposal on a possible project to be funded by the IYVS; guidelines are available on their application form. Chosen participants will be eligible for up to full scholarships for travel and housing (based on financial need) as well as eligibility for further grants upon completion of the summit.

Details about last year’s summit can be found at their prospectus, which explains their mission and vision, a schedule of events, future plans, participating bodies, sponsors (such as TakingITGlobal, UNESCO Youth, and perhaps Rotary International) and much more. Although it is for the 2006 summit, it is still relevant background for the 2007 summit too.

IYVS seems like a great way to get community-minded youths from everywhere mingling, networking, and exchanging ideas on how to impact the lives of those around them. Opportunities like this don’t come too often, so act quick – closing date for applications is November 10th, 2006.

Good luck!

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a student of Asian University of Bangladesh. I am interested to work with youth. So am join this Summit.

    Best regard

  2. Dear sir,
    I am a young Cameroonian who is intersted to work with youth.I have a HIGHER GRADUATE IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE ,a BACCALAUREAT IN MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS.My dream is to help people all over the world and interact with other young person around the world.You can contact me via my e-mail:

  3. I am a young burundian willing to take part in the conferences.

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  5. i `m john bosco from rwanda i would like to
    attend the confrence ok nice to hearing from you soon.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I’m Abdul Bundu Conteh, Student faculty of Social sciences and Law, Fourah Bay College, University of sierra Leone.
    i have always desired to work for and serve humanity, a dream i’m working towards.
    Hence i count myself opportune to have a previledge to apply for this year’s confrence, as i declear my intention that i will like to attend this years confrence.
    Hoping tio hear from you via, email.

  7. Dear Sir,
    Mt name is Leonard Amoh-Mensah, a BSc. nursing student of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
    I wish to apply for this years confrence because am intersted in helping the youth who are sick.I would like to know a lot more about the world of youth and make new friends.I would be grateful if my application is given a favourable consideration I hope to hear from you soon.

  8. i want to do more for youth .plz response me am volenteer

  9. I am ndayisasirire emery prosper, born in 1980 in burundi.
    I am a professional teacher in Riviera high school, and now I am completing my secong year of teaching. Then , I am expecting to join academic institution for higher eduction for Masters that is from next year to 2012.

  10. NDAYISASIRIRE EMERY PROSPER is an active young involved in youth’s actions since 1996. He is a founder of Youth Partnership for Development in Burundi. A youth’s organisation operating in the framework of promoting youth’s initiatives.
    It’s main fields are- job creating, focussing on Hiv/Aids preventing, awareness, ..
    This is organisation is also focussing on the importance of Internet in the whole world in generally and particularly in the young generation.

  11. Besides, NDAYISASIRIRE EMERY PROSPER is a current country coordinator of Youth partnership for development in Burundi since 2006.
    But due to other responsibilities assigned to him since 2008, He had to resign from his responsibities as a country coordinator of youth partnership for development in burundi and and actually I am acting as Charge des affaires sous regionales as I am working in Rwanda since 2008.

  12. From 2008. I am working as a Professional Teacher in RIVIERA HIGH SCHOOL, where I am sharpening my teaching skills. Its location is in Rwanda, that is at 20 miles from Kigali city center.

  13. Search Results for ndayisasirire emery prosper. From his experience as a UN VOLUNTEER and in youth gatherings. He has shown good ethics and dedication in his daily duties and he experience is likely to push him furhter. His father is HAJAYANDI Jeremiah and his mother is NAHIMANA Leocadie. His primary studies have been carried out in ECOLE PRIMAIRE DE JABE ,since 1984 and as far his higher training is concerned, he attended Lycee du Lac Tanganyika from 1991 to 1998. Afterwords he joined Military Chores as it was a compulsory back up from 1999 to 2000. This experience has hightened his ambition and opened him to a new era in his challenges. After that he joined University of Burundi, Faculty of Social Sciences and Luterature from where he was awarded his BA degree.

  14. His BA degree was awared in 2005 and by the, he was employed as a Volunteer agent. Therefore, he worked as J.V.A Joint Volunteer Agency branch, head by Jennifer Pro, and was operating as a Language Assistant. Afterwords, he was recruted by European Electoral Commission in Burundi and was the Chief Language Assistant.

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