Big Ideas @ Berkeley; Vlogit – Staying Alive

A new project that supports other projects, and a way to get involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS, in today’s post.

1. Students at the University of California – Berkeley have the opportunity to get their projects supported and sponsored by the public through Big Ideas @ Berkeley, launched yesterday. Ideas can be supported through the following means:

  • Make financial or in-kind contributions to specific projects
  • Sponsor a future “Bears Breaking Boundaries” contest
  • Help raise funds (using ChipIn) from their friends and colleagues
  • Provide students with advice and connections to potential partners.

Among the projects up on Big Ideas are:

This is a great structure that can be implemented in other places – allowing for youth projects to receive mentoring, funding, and other means of support. Would anyone like to take the lead in setting up such a venture in their area?

2. As part of their running Staying Alive campaign, MTV has launched Vlogit, a contest to encourage activism for HIV/AIDS through the media.

Youths aged 16-25 are invited to send in a proposal for a 3-5 minute video talking about HIV and AIDS. Those with selected proposals will be given a video camera to shoot their clip, which will then be aired on MTV.

Deadline is 31st December 2006, so apply now!

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