World Bank Essay Competition 2007: Your Practical Ideas on Corruption

The World Bank is back with the 2007 edition of their international Essay Competition:

The World Bank invites you to participate in the International Essay Competition 2007:


corruption affect your life?

to fight the corruption that you face?

PRIZES $5,000 & $1,000
Deadline for submission: March 15, 2007
Participants: Students and non-students alike, between 18 and 25 years of age

To know more and to submit, please visit:

Finalists will be flown to the ABCDE Conference in Bled, Slovenia for final juries and award presentations. Entries close March 15th, 2007 so start writing now!

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6 Responses

  1. It’s nice to write a comment as it is even preety well to have a competition through which the ideas from the world will be poured.
    kathmandu Nepal

  2. yourths lets fight for a better future by putting a barrier for crruption because it is the reason for the mal governance today in most less less developing countries,and more so the reason or the high crime waves,low level of development and more of social and moral decadence.So yourths lets stand up put a barrier and stamp corruption out of our lives.

  3. Corruption has been eating away our social and economic base since long. And to avert this evil, a competition to invite thinkers and innovators to pore over this important issue and present their proposed solutions, is a wonderful attemt towards prosperity and better future of mankind.

  4. I hope s many young people will participate. This is a goog chance for the youth to add their voices to the fight against corruption. In my country I think the youth are the hardest hit by the vice. Thank you World Bank, we now have a chance to say what we think

  5. HI
    I have participated in this very contest but yet not recieved any feed back but it was a really good appourtunity for yought to write about how they take corruption and specially about personal experiences regardign corruption .
    So i hope that participants should also be recognized soon

  6. I’m a secondary school student in Nigeria who will like to participate in the essay competition but I don’t know the criteia. I really appreciate what you are doing. Thanks for lifting the serious minded youths.

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