MBAs Without Borders

The MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is one of the most prized degrees in the world. It’s commonly perceived that people with MBAs go on to be high-ranked CEOs and Managing Directors, taking charge of multinational companies, rolling in the money. It’s a strong symbol of wealth, status, and power.

But what if you’re interested in business, but not in being rich or being powerful? What if you want to save the world? You’re in luck, because MBAs Without Borders is for you.

MBAs Without Borders is a Canadian non-profit that sends out people with MBAs to developing countries to work in economic and international development. They approach their projects through The e3 Approach:

  • Enabling Private Enterprise through strategic planning, trade, and microcredit
  • Educating Locals about business and economics
  • Engaging in the Local Community to understand the local culture and lifestyle outside of the business aspects

Their projects fall within 5 major industries: healthcare, agriculture, finance, income-generation, and climate change. International businesses and non-profits come directly to MBAs Without Borders to recruit people, while interested MBA holders can check out current projects and apply through the Project Centre. Current projects include being a venture capital manager in Nicaragua, a Country director in Saudi Arabia, and a Chief of Party in Afghanistan.

While the rush for prestigious degrees doesn’t seem to be slowing down, it would be great to channel some of that energy into getting people to use those degrees for the greater good. MBAs Without Borders is an excellent initiative in this regard; hopefully more will follow.

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  1. I have worked as a volunteer for CESO for 14 years and completed over 100 assignments with SMEs all over the world in the business areas of marketing, financial management, production planning and trade show management.

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