Nominate Young Malaysians – AYA Dream Malaysia Awards & 50 Years, 50 Heroes

UPDATE: The folks at theCICAK are now offering up to RM5000 in prizes!

Do you know a young Malaysian who has done great things in their life? One that has touched others by their actions and deeds? One who is inspiring, heroic, or simply awesome? Give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for an award or writing about them for an upcoming compilation.

1. The AYA Dream Malaysia Awards aim to encourage individuals and organizations to pursue their dreams despite hurdles and obstacles. Nominees are honoured in the AYA Dream Malaysia Awards Night, with the winners receiving the Durian – a symbol of cracking the hard shell to get to the fruit of your efforts!

Previous nominees and winners include Yvonne Foong, survivor of neurofibromatosis and advocate for awareness about the disease; Suzanne Lee, intrepid explorer and photographer whom I’ve featured here before as a local example of youth initiative; and IDP Education Malaysia, which helps prospective students going to Australia to study.

Nominations are now open for two categories: Most Outstanding Youth and Youth Friendly Company. Youth nominees must be Malaysians aged between 18 – 33, while companies must be incorporated in Malaysia. Shortlisted nominees (chosen by AYA) will be video-interviewed and be up for public voting. Nominations close 12 August 2007.

2. Online Malaysian youth magazine theCICAK is looking for entries for upcoming publication 50 Years, 50 Heroes: Young Malaysians You Need To Know. Like the AYA Dream Malaysia Awards, theCICAK is after stories of young people that have persevered through personal challenges to achieve their dreams, or have helped other people in doing so. These write-ups aim to document young Malaysians who do not normally get press attention, as well as highlight important issues that affect Malaysian youth and society, while inspiring readers to face challenges head-on and live their own lives.

The top three entries will earn their writers up to RM5000 in cash, while the Most Outstanding Hero (chosen by theCICAK readers) will win RM200. The top 50 stories will also be published in a book, with the First Place article being published in The Star. Entries will be judged by well-known Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi; activist and columnist Marina Mahathir; poet and editor of online Malaysian literary magazine InkyHands, Nicholas Wong; and theCICAK co-founder and director Poh Si Teng.

Writers must be Malaysians aged 15 – 25 while their subjects must be Malaysians aged 12 – 29. Each piece must include at least one photograph of the subject as well as interviews with two other sources (to be collated into a source list with names and contact information). Entries can be in English or Malay and should not exceed 1000 words. Send all entries to with “Heroes” as the subject. Entries close 15 July 2007.

Show your young hero your appreciation – you may get lucky too.

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    how’re you? hope you’re doing well and healthy wherever you are! gimme a holler whenever you’re in town, aiight?


  2. Hi,

    I’m researching for a documentary for a TV station in Singapore and I’m looking for some inspiring Malaysian (no age limit) to be featured. Such an individual must be contactable as we plan to fly in a film crew. There is no cost involved except time. The profile we’re looking for is someone who is sacrificing time and energy for a cause or for his/her community. If you have someone in mind, please reply to

    Thank you!

    Martin Mak

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