Head For the United Nations: Be Part of the 4th Annual Youth Assembly

Want a say in future United Nations resolutions? Interested in meeting celebrities, world leaders, and global youth? Looking for an experience of a lifetime? Then get involved with the 4th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations now!

This Youth Assembly, organized by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and supported by various consulates and embassies, aims to bring youth together through various activities and events based on culture, leadership, global and social change, peace, the arts, and much more. Participants will be able to meet celebrities and world leaders (including UN Director Jeffrey Sachs and Arun Gandhi, founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and Gandhi’s grandson); obtain one-on-one leadership training; network with business, community, and youth leaders; get a grand tour of New York City; and so much more!

Delegates need to be aged 18-26, though those 16-18 can come with a parent. Adults who work in faculty and in youth or UN related projects are also invited to attend. Group registrations are available. Attendance is by application; you basically need to be of the right age and be able to obtain (or already have) a US visa, or can enter the US without one. The application fee is $95, though you can get a discounted rate of $50 if you are a citizen of a listed low-income or mid-income country. (The price is lower per person on group applications.)

While the 3-Day Assembly itself is free to accepted delegates, the FAF have organized various travel packages that include meals, accommodation, Metro passes, the Leadership training, the New York tour, voting rights, and various other events and activities according to package. These cost from US$675 (RM2331.65) to US$2300 (RM7944.90) but do not include airfare or insurance.

Within the Youth Assembly is also the United Cultures Peace Festival, which showcases cultural performances of all sorts from global youth. They are also scouting for high school and college performers to be part of their international lineup. Performers will also be able to participate in the Assembly as well as selected activities. If you would like to perform, drop them a line.

The 4th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations are in New York, USA from 12-15 August 2007, with various events taking place before and after the date. Applications close 13 July 2007.

I have something very interesting linked to this Assembly so keep an eye on EducateDeviate for the news. In the meantime, join me and APPLY NOW!

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  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Today, we have visited your web site and came to know about youth assembly program in New York. We would like to participate on the program in group but we are Bhutanese refugees. We have our own refugee organization. Can refugees also participate on this program? What about age bar to qualify on the program? If your programs are matched we will register together all group. We will send you 50 dollars each person before 13 July. Also what about hotel reservation? Can you recommend us a reasonable hotel around your organization please? Could you send us invitation letter for US embassy in Nepal? You are requested to send a mail letter for US embassy and original through post for our organization. So, we are hoping to receive your positive reponse as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind consideration.

    Manoj Gurung and friends
    Butanese refugee, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  4. Dear organisers,

    I came to learn about the 4th Annual Youth Assembly at the UN just few days ago. I was truly excited and wish my self to participate though my age is over 26 now 36 years Old but work directly with youth in my organisation especially in Education for Young Girls at the rural areas. As the Bible says” My people die just because of their ignorance” youth at my place especially at the rural areas are not aware about the MDGs, why and how they can get involved.
    I wish to be present at the Assembly not to be represented, my contribution and interest to the assembly would be in emphicising on comparison between different things such as : WORD and ACTION, THEORY and PRACTICE, similarity between investing in CHILD our FURUTE. From the rural village to the biggest world City New York, Why we should Involve directly the concerned group of people rather than representing them.
    Why a sustainable development MUST starts at the rural AREAS.
    For me to reach NEW YORK is not a simple task unless some efforts are made to get MONEY FOR MY AIR TICKET and HOTEL
    Though where there is a will there is a way people say
    Let me finish by saying ” we are today poorest because our forefathers didn’t plan about our future. If we don’t do so for our children the World will continu to be most dangerous and harmful because we deal with it and do not want to change it.

    Jerome Rugaruza
    P.O.Box:4654 Kigali Rwanda
    Fax:+250 586546
    Tel:+250 08493637

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