Carnival of Youth Initiative: Submit Now!

Are you a young person with a blog entry that needs sharing? Have you written about youth on your blog recently? Would you like to read and discuss articles about youth and their power for initiative?

If you are, then contribute for the 1st Edition of the Carnival of Youth Initiative!

Blog carnivals are essentially special blog events where a host blogger will post up links to other blog entries related to the theme of the carnival. Some examples of carnivals are the Carnival for Short Stories and the Carnival of Education. Blog Carnival has a full listing of hundreds of blog carnivals to participate in.

EducateDeviate is hosting the Carnival of Youth Initiative and I am currently accepting submissions. I am looking for entries about youth issues/youth initiative, as well as entries by young people with initiative (such as a project you are working on). I’m not accepting personal diary-type entries.

To submit, send in your entry through this Blog Carnival form or through my contact page. Submissions close 15th July 2007 and will be posted a week later. Edit: As clarification – old entries can also be submitted for this carnival; you don’t have to write new ones specifically for this (though you can if you want!).

Pass the word round! Hope to see your entries soon!

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  2. Actually, I don’t quite understand what you mean by “I’m not accepting personal diary-type entries.”

  3. pelf: It means that the submitted entries have to be about youth or youth initiative, and are not “Dear Diary, today I went to the doctor because my tooth huirt” type entries.

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