Interns Wanted: Centre for Public Policy Studies

If you’re passionate about Malaysian issues, interested in public policy, and have time to spare from July 11st to August, read this announcement from the MyWordUp mailing list:

Dear all,

This is a call and plead, a desperate request to anyone who is:

1. Passionate about Malaysian issues
2. Is free to avail themselves for about a month anytime between July 11th (next week) and August
3. Interested to be involved in policy work and processes
4. Able to work efficiently and well!

Basically, I’m working at the Centre for Public Policy Studies, ASLI, and the only person working under me is a part time intern who is leaving next week. I’m all alone and trying to do too many things at the same time. Yes, CPPS is a one-woman show.

We are hiring new staff, but that will only be later, and so am stuck in a rut during this in-between period.

There are a gazillion projects at my feet at this point, and anyone in between studies or in between jobs or even willing to help in whatever ways you can would be MUCH appreciated!

Any volunteers you guys can offer me? Or you can forward this around as well. Ask them to check out our website for information on what we do as a Centre. Mail me back at or call me up at 0126122100.

Thanks everyone!!


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