Carnival of Youth Initiative #1

Hey everyone! After some very busy weeks, I am back with the entries from the First Carnival of Youth Initiative!

Firstly, can I just request that submissions be DIRECTLY RELATED to the theme of youth and youth initiative. I received too many submissions that had nothing to do with either theme; indeed, I wonder if they were merely carnival-spamming. Not appreciated, people! But here are some good entries for the first carnival.

My friend Naoko/Pat wrote about some young Malaysian bloggers making an impact online. She also muses on what youth initiative is and how it relates to society in general.

Jeremy from Welcome To The Future compares the youth of the 60s and today, together with a funny yet thoughtprovoking comic strip. He points out:

History is quickly disappearing to the point where most of us can’t remember our grandparents.

Arun’s Daily Remedy has some tips on being social for young people. Not exactly about youth initiative, but I’ll let it slide here as the advice is tailored for youths in general.

That’s it this time. Keep updated on future Carnivals of Youth Initiative at our Blog Carnival listing, and submit!

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