Hello from the UN!

I’m writing this from the main cafeteria of the United Nations in New York (where they charge you by the weight of your food, go figure). It’s been a hectic few days at the Leadership Seminar in Pleasantville, and now the actual Youth Assembly begins. They’re expecting 700 people! I’ve found two other Australians but no Malaysians or Bangladeshis sadly.

I managed to collect $30 for the trip, which isn’t much – but I couldn’t really do as much fundraising as I’d hoped because I got too busy. I can still accept donations, but I need help working out how to get the money to UNICEF. Turns out they don’t accept PayPal. I could buy something from their online store (like a goat for a family, or something) but I’d need a credit card. Any ideas?

I’ll update more with details when I can. If I get strong wireless access in the UN meetings I can try liveblogging the events.

Take care!


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  1. Interesting reading your live blogs – but would really like a bit more of YOUR take on things – what are YOU thingking/feeling about whats being said? Hope you’re enjoying the trip (though I somehow think you’re not convinced by ‘hip-hop to save the world’ … šŸ˜‰

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