AYA Dream Malaysia Awards 2007: Vote For Me!

I’ve just been shortlisted for the AYA Dream Malaysia Awards 2007 in the Most Outstanding Youth category. Check out my profile, which includes a short interview with myself and my mother. I thought they played up the depression/anxiety angle a bit too much, but oh well – it is about overcoming adversity, after all.

To vote, send AYA Y 14 as a text message to 36828. Each text message costs 80 sen and I think you can vote more than once.

The other people shortlisted are:

Hmm…looks like a lot of doctors!

Check out their profiles and if you like, vote for them too! You may even win tickets to the Awards Ceremony if you’re lucky!

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  1. do they announce the winniers for the Malaysia Kumon Essay competition in here? if not, where can I see the list?

  2. s\do you list the winner for the kumon Malaysia essay compt here? if not, where can I find it?

  3. Hi Intan,

    I don’t know the winner of the contest, nor where to find it, sorry. I don’t organize contests; I just announce them.

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