Shortlisted for the KaosPilots – off to Stockholm!

I’ve been shortlisted for Team 01 of the KaosPilots Stockholm program, which means being invited to attend a 2-day admissions workshop in Stockholm. From 380 applicants, they chose 100 (including me), and from 100 they’ll whittle it down to 35.

According to the Stockholm crew, I’m the “most antipodean” applicant – I’m flying the furthest to get to Stockholm. If I get in, not only will I be part of the first Stockholm team, I’ll also be the first Malaysian (and possibly the first Asian) in the KaosPilots history. As far as the Stockholm crew are concerned, I’m the only Australian, haha.

I’ll be in Stockholm from November 2nd to 4th, then I’ll visit Aarhus (Denmark) from November 5th to 7th before going back to Stockholm to catch a plane home. If anyone wants to house me or meet up, feel free to contact!

See you in Stockholm!

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  1. hello there,

    I stumbled across ur blog and realized that u were in Stockholm for a few days. I am sure u had a great time venturing Scandinavia’s capital as well as cities down south.

    I stayed in Stockholm for a year. Of course, I am a Malaysian, a student too.

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