FRANK Team – Inspiring Youth in Australia and Elsewhere

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Brisbane last year was to look for different youth-related opportunities and groups to get involved with at some level. I figured that Australia would have a lot more resources than Malaysia, and wanted to keep myself busy and interested beyond university work.

One such organization that I found is the FRANK Team, which organizes speakers and workshops for young entrepreneurs. Their workshops span topics such as starting a business, time management, empowerment, finding your passion, and lots more. They’re often fun, casual, energetic, and still informative and educational. Their multicultural team (which is interestingly majority female) consists of young (and young-at-heart) people with all sorts of interests and achievements, so every workshop is different.

The FRANK Team also publishes two free online magazines: FRANK, a feminist magazine geared towards young women that doesn’t spend too much time on beauty or fashion, and IGNITE!, geared towards young entrepreneurs and those looking to start a business. Both magazines can be subscribed to by email and arrive in your inbox as PDF files. They are both FULL of opinions, events, resources, ideas…all sorts of things. They also publish a blog, with links to various resources online as well as announcements of upcoming FRANK events in Australia.

The FRANK Team are always looking for people to work with on projects. Contributions to FRANK and IGNITE! are always welcome, and hiring for facilitators and speakers will open next year. They’re also interested in going global – in fact, one young Malaysian (not me, though I’d like to know who!) has gotten in touch with them to bring their material over here!

If you want ways of empowering yourself and other young people to make the best of themselves, do give the FRANK Team a look – they may just be what you’re looking for.

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