Malaysia Youth Lifestyle Showcase ’08 – So Much To Do

Today is Multi-Post Day for me! That’s because a lot of things are happening at the same time, and one of them is another YouthMalaysia project – Malaysia’s Youth Lifestyle Showcase 08.

Subtitled “We Are The Trendsetters”, the showcase has plenty of youth-organized activities (from an earlier competition) on offer – careers, cosplaying, puzzles, Battle of the Bands, all sorts. There is also a very extensive Talent and Style competition, which is essentially a contest to get as many supporters of yourself on Friendster and show off your talents. They don’t make it clear what the prizes are though! (I wonder how you’d show off your style and talent if you’re a blogger, which is an accepted category…just type a whole lot of stuff?)

The showcase runs from January 18 to 20 2008. Their website was a lot better than when I first saw it (otherwise I would have promoted it earlier), but there’s still a lot of info missing. YouthMalaysia, if you’re reading: fix your websites! But otherwise it seems like an interesting concept, and one worth checking out at least.

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