TAKEN – One More Spot Available for the EducateDeviate Young Entrepreneur Convention Group

EDIT: The spot has been filled – thank you Delwyn! There are other people looking for groups, and I’m not entirely sure if groups of more than 3 are actually OK, so I’ll connect you with any other stragglers. Thank you!

There’s one more spot available in the EducateDeviate group for the 1st National Youth Entrepreneur Convention. This allows for a cheaper rate of RM50 instead of RM100. Technically there can be more than 3, but I need at least one more person.

If you are interested, contact me now and I will advise you on further details.

EDIT: Serious enquiries only PLEASE. I’ve been getting a couple of dud emails from people either flip-flopping or suggesting unreasonable ways such as registering but not paying/not showing up. We still need one more person and I’ll be ultimately responsible for the group, so I can’t afford such nonsense. I can understand backing out due to unforseen circumstances, but if you’re not going to be serious, then please don’t waste our time and get our hopes up.

Also, EducateDeviate has been shortlisted for the YouthMalaysia DotCom Search, with awards being given out on the 18th of January. I’m supposed to have a tracking code up, but their code is in Javascript and WordPress.com doesn’t allow Javascript coding on their blogs, so there’s not much I can do about it. Accept this as my formal (belated) acknowledgement of the award 🙂

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  1. You can check out my blog post about organising for group sign up. Again, like Tiara said serious inquiries only.

    Steven Wong

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