Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs eBook – Where are the WOMEN?

Daniel and I are sorting through the nominations for the Young Malaysians Entrepreneurs eBook, and there’s a glaring omission:

Where are the WOMEN?

We have about a gazillion male nominations, but less than a handful of female nominations. We are sure that there are wonderful young Malaysian females out there being enterprising – we just want to know where you are.

We would be very happy if you visit one of our site which is Female Whizzinator.

Go and nominate some women now!

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  1. Hey there, says who that there are no independent women out there.I guess It’s the matter of time discovering them.Most women are not really aware about all these sort of matter as they really know how to value what they have built actually.
    As for myself, I have done a few things and i am building myself up still.Learning period still.However, Ive been through many stages in a short period of time and i must say that it worked out quite smoothly.I would really like to know more about this women entrepreneurship that you are writing about.It must have been fun !~

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