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I’ve been accepted as one of 600 delegates (out of 5000 applications) for the World Youth Congress 2008 in Quebec, Canada. Here’s my invitation letter (I edited out my address and passport number for privacy). I was selected in the Young Journalist category based on

To go to this congress, I need to get a plane ticket to Quebec, as well as CDN$300, which covers accommodation, living costs, the conference itself, etc. It’s actually a pretty good deal as far as conferences go – the UN Youth Assembly I went to last August cost me over $2000 just for the conference package (the airfare was about the same) and it wasn’t quite worth the money. I’ve also been in touch with some of the other delegates, and they’re pretty excited about going too. It would be a marvellous opportunity if I could go.

However, I am pretty busy trying to fundraise for the KaosPilots, and I don’t really want to spend more energy and time trying to add this into the mix. The KaosPilots are already a big load on my resources. My needs for the World Youth Congress are relatively smaller – a visa, CDN$300, a plane ticket. But they still cost more money than I have.

Can you help?

I’m not willing to collect donations this time – last time I tried this, I failed spectacularly. I did send what I collected to UNICEF Malaysia via Western Union, but I have no idea if they got it or not. However, if you can sponsor me a plane ticket to Quebec – whether through frequent flyer miles, actual purchase of the ticket, or some other means – I would be more than grateful. It’d also be great if you knew anyone working in the airline industry (or if you work in an airline!) that could help me.


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  1. Hello there, congratulation about coming to Quebec city, i can’t helped with the plane ticket, well we just paid 4500.00 dollar for returned to malaysia next month, by the way I’m malaysian lived in Quebec city..

  2. Hi Tiara

    Hope all is well. I am Urjana from Nepal; met you at GK3 KL. I hope you remeber me! Congratulations for being selected as one of the delegates for World Youth Congress 2008, Quebec. This is a fantastic youth gathering that the Peace Child International, UK has been doing since 1999. I was involved in all of the series except the Morocco one. The last one was held in Stirling, Scotland in 2005. I have also been selected as one of the activists to participate in Quebec as well. However it’s down to the grant or scholarship that I will receive which will decide if I will be attending the congress or not. From my past experience, I havenot been very lucky to raise funds for attending such conferences especially in the context of Nepal being one of the developing countries of the world. However, I am still trying my level best, let’s see how far I could go this time!
    Anyways, Good luck with your fund raising and hopefully see you in Quebec!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hie Tiara

    Congradulations on being selected
    I have also been selected and hope to attend if i manage to attend, Unfortunatey most people whom i am approaching are not willing to support because of the economic challenges that we are currently enduring, If you manage to get quite a number of sponsors or donors i will fill honoured if you can refee them to some of us

    remain blessed


  4. l wish to inform you that there are many people that will like to attend the conference but due to lack of fund, they wont be able to partake so l will like to use this medium to express my feelings that help should be rendered to helpless people like me who love to attend but couldn’t make it due to financial aspect of it.

  5. EDIT: Removed contact details for privacy.

    Dear sir/Madame,

    My name is CHERNET WOYIMO WOJU. Young- Ethiopian graduated in Animal
    production and Rangeland management with BSc degree in 1999 having a CGPA of 3.15 here in Ethiopia. After graduation I have served my country for about 8 years as: –

    Ø Economic development expert,
    Ø Agricultural college lecturer,
    Ø Head of the department of animal production and feeds,
    Ø And currently working as Researcher of animal production, forage, pastures and nutrition research section of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural research, Debre Zeit center. I am engaged on more than 6 on-going research activities on forage, pasture and animal nutrition both at on-station level and on-farm. Last year I have demonstrated one excellent on-farm forage experiment and based on its result, I have proposed a scaling-up forage project for this year on 3 different districts of our research mandate area. I have recorded a VCD about my on-farm fodder innovation work .It is last year that I competed to participate in 4th World Youth Congress – Regeneration 2008 that will be held Québec City, Canada, August 10th to 21st 2008.

    Fortunately, 600 young people like me, chosen from more than 5000 applicants from 120+ countries, will meet and share their personal skills and figure out, with government representatives and development professionals, how they can contribute to community development. This Congress is part of the 400th anniversary of the city of Québec. It is supported by all levels of the provincial government of Quebec and the Federal government of Canada, headed by her Excellency, the Most Honorable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada.

    I have been chosen for MY active commitment to MY community, MY cultural values and work to achieve the MDGs. I am going to present my fodder innovation achievement done on three districts of East Showa Zone of Oromia region both as poster and film show.

    The Congress will be “a celebration of Youth Led Development!”. There will be three areas of work:

    Cultural events, plenaries, speeches to mark international youth day, leisure events (10th- 12th August)
    Skills Workshops and exhibitions (13th-16th August)
    Local Action projects in the Québec area (17th-20th August)

    A significant contribution from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will cover fees related to meals, accommodation and local transportation. However, I still have to afford my visa(s) fees, my plane ticket to Canada (Quebec City or Montreal). All congress participants will be housed throughout ReGeneration 2008 –World youth congress at the residence on Laval University Campus, which will host the Congress. The Canadian consular authorities have received, through their intranet system, all the information regarding our event and the people who were invited.

    The reason as to why I am writing this letter to you is, Despite of my achievement in my on-farm fodder innovation work and win of the 4th World Youth Congress – Regeneration 2008 competition to present my work, I am not in a position to cover my air ticket cost thus I am request your support towards the problem I have either by covering my air ticket cost or recommend me to any potential funding agency you think is appropriate.

    N.B. I have attached my official invitation letter for your consideration.

    Truly yours,


  6. Hello Tiara,

    Congrats on being accepted to attend the World Youth Congress 2008, I am currently working with Peace Child International and will also be doing media work at the congress. I would like to let everyone know that even if things do not come through for the funding that there will be a virtual part to the congress to still be involved in the everything in Quebec City. We will have blogs, photos, audio and video content of the congress to allow those who cannot attend and those that do not know about the congress to learn more. While it is not the same as attending it will hopefully allow everyone to be included.

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