Imagine It! – Promote Creative Thinking

6 days. A stack of Post-It notes. Teams of university students and budding entrepreneurs worldwide.

The task: Create additional value.

The results: Imagine It! – a documentary about entrepreneurship and creative thinking, showcasing the added value those teams created out of Post-It notes.

Watch the Imagine It! video

The Imagine It! project was part of Global Entrepreneurship Week last year, with the competition organized in Stanford, attracting participants from all over the world. The projects featured in this video are:

  • Selling fast-food to uni students, using Post-Its to take orders
  • Teaching entrepreneurship to elementary school students by getting them to draw their inventions on Post-Its
  • Collecting messages to and from Thailand’s disabled community while raising awareness about disability issues
  • Collecting feedback and personal opinions about the newly-drafted Thai constitution
  • What’s Your Post-It? – “if you had one Post-It to write to yourself, somebody else, or the world, what would it say?”
  • Creating Post-Its into characters to raise awareness about leukaemia
  • Collaborative music by combining musical snippets contributed by people
  • Comedy about organizing girlfriends with Post-Its
  • Encouraging uni students to unplug their unused appliances and conserve energy
  • Collecting the wisdom from the brightest minds of Stanford
  • Pledging the public to be Heart-Smart
  • Notifying Ecuadorian drivers about the dangers of parking/driving on pedestrian crosswalks
  • Collecting donations to be sent to Kiva, a microlending organization

These are only some of the many university groups that took part in this challenge.

The video also features interviews from Internet entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki; John Hennessy, president of Stanford University; Debra Dunn, director of the Skoll Foundation; and many more.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week will take place from November 17-23 2008. Check out their website and get involved!

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