EducateDeviate now part of 9rules


I’m proud to announce that EducateDeviate has been accepted into the latest round of 9rules, a well-known and well-respected blog network that features content from all areas and aspects of life.

I’m particularly stoked about being in 9rules as it’s highly sought after and it has strong community aspects. I’m interested in meeting up with other 9rules bloggers, particularly education bloggers, and see how we can work together to develop greater content. I’m also interested in getting assistance in developing EducateDeviate further, from just being a blog to being a full-fledged resource centre.

Another homeschooling/alternative education blog, Just Enough, was also accepted into this round of 9rules. I found her through looking at the accepted websites list and it’s great to have more blogs like ours around – they’re hard to find as it is! The Education community on 9rules is rather sparse at the moment, but hopefully myself and Just Enough will be able to fill it out a bit.

Huzzah! Thank you Scriv, Mike, and Tyme!


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  1. Grats on being accepted to 9rules. This is an exciting opportunity for us.

    Your blog looks really interesting. I look forward to poking around a bit.

    See you at 9rules!

  2. Congratulations, see you on 9r! šŸ™‚


  4. And a big hearty congratulations to you. šŸ™‚ After so long, you’re finally in!


    *goes off to part-ay*

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