Question about starting schools in Malaysia

What rules and laws govern the formation of schools in Malaysia? Do those same laws affect private schools?

For instance, if you set up a private school, are you required by law to administer the KBSM/KBSR curriculum? Do your students have to take UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM?

What if you wanted to set up an alternative school – for example, one following the Sudbury Valley model? With the Sudbury Valley model, national curricula and standardized exams would go against everything the model stands for – democratic, student-centered education.

Would you need to get approval from the Government before setting up such a school? How and where would you get funding?

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  1. Thats what i wanted to know too, unfortunately i’ve seen no replies to your query and would like to know whether if you have found out more about it. It would be great if Malaysia have this type of schools especially in the Klang area where i can attend/

  2. I have intention to start up a private school in Malaysia based on concept Micro-society in US. Thats what i wanted to know too. please let me know if you have found out more about it. Thank you.

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