Homeschooling vs Socialization

This comic strip pretty much sums up my response to “homeschoolers don’t socialize!”:

Thanks Tammy!


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  1. Hehehe. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Thanks. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Will you allow me to publish this comic strip on my website: I believe it merits an even wider audience. I will give the necessary reference and credit


  3. this is funny, i was just having thought about homeschool today. and here i see you posting about it. =)

  4. hey tiara,
    i found ur blog by chance n would just like to commend ur efforts in trying to promote to malaysian youth other options out there then what is just presented to them…

    on a side note, i myself was home-schooled majority of my primary school years, n it was quite troublesome as i had to get a formal permission to do so and had an interview with an education officer so i could sit for the UPSR…

    but i blive it was worth it. i dont think i couldve gotten the same type of education had i gone to a normal school. having said this i was enrolled in other extra-curricular activities that did enable me to socialize, and i did eventually (at the age of 14) attend formal schooling, but most of my primary socialization took place at home.

    and i am happy to say ive already graduated from university with a BA in Sociology (ironic, huh?)…so, home-schoolers do socialize too 🙂

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