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From the YouthLinkExpress newsletter, which is am absolutely fantastic resource for events and opportunities for youth development:

Civicus Youth Assembly
Date:June 16-18, 2008
Location:Glasgow, Scotland
Building on the success of last year’s CIVICUS Youth Assembly the 2008 event will offer an opportunity to meet and work with other young women and men who are really making changes to things that matter. The Youth Assembly will offer young delegates a program and a space to develop and commit to action internationally. Applicants aged 18-25 are encouraged to apply! For more information, click here.

World Youth Volunteer Conference
Date: March 31-April 2, 2008
Location: Panama City, Panama
Organized by the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), the World Youth Conference will select 100 outstanding young volunteers from around the world to participate in collaboration with the IAVE World Volunteer Conference. This year’s theme, ‘Volunteering for Human Development: More Solidarity, Less Poverty’ will focus on several issues related to Latin American poverty. Register before February 29th! For more information, click here.

Unite for Sight Fifth Annual International Health & Development Conference
Date: April 12-13, 2008
Location: New Haven, USA
Individuals interested in international health, public health, international development, microfinance, health policy, and public service are encouraged to attend the International Health and Development Conference. Keynote speakers include Susan Blumenthal, Jeffrey Sachs, Jim Yong Kim, and Sonia Ehrlich Sachs. Register today! For more information, click here.

3rd Global Youth Conference on Democracy & Political Participation
Date: February 20-22, 2008
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
How do we develop a culture of participatory governance amongst the citizens and civil society to build grassroots participation and accountability in governance? The 3rd Global Youth Conference will provide for focal discussion on the critical issues of enhancing greater demand for voice and accountability for better public policy and practice. For more information, click here or send an email.

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Know a kick-ass indie designer/event manager/promoter?

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I’ve got some plans to develop EducateDeviate further (to make it more self-sustainable) as well as to boost my chances at getting KaosPilots funding.

To do that, I need help with the following:

  • Web design and development – particularly those who can take my list of “I need my website to do this, that, and the other” and develop a nifty CMS that makes the job easy (more details later) while keeping to a certain aesthetic.
  • Graphic design, particularly for postcards and brochures – I have ideas, I just can’t design all that well
  • Event management – someone who can take my ideas and work out how to make it happen
  • Promotions/marketing/publicity – the maven who can get all that above OUT THERE
Now I am a simple college student, which means I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on this endeavour. (I was looking around yesterday and one company quoted $15,000 for a simple website. DUDE. I could go to UWP again and have change with that money.) However, I would love to support indie young up-and-coming artists/designers/practitioners. I’ve been doing that with fashion and I want to do that with more aspects of my life.

I’m looking for someone who can relate to all this as personal projects – too many other options I’ve seen assume I’m a business and get into business-speak. I want someone that’s human. Someone creative and daring. Someone who would pull me out of my box. Someone young is a bonus.

Know anyone who fits this? Are you willing to help? Drop me a line.

At GK3 – Youth Social Enterprise Initiative Forum

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note from the GK3 conference in Kuala Lumpur, where I’m volunteering as the PR/Media person for the Youth Social Enterprise Initiative Forum. I am having WAY too much fun with the BrainStore ideaFactor workshops. Can you imagine – a whole company just based on generating ideas!!! I want a job.

Further updates forthcoming. see you later!


It’s been a while since I have written in here: I have been quite busy. There is definitely plenty to write about, but here are some snippets:

1. Part 2 of the Guide to Semester at Sea has been posted. In here, the author Tom Muller writes about his experience on board – taking classes, boat life, and the various opportunities he gained. It’s a great way to see this sort of educational experience on a first hand basis.

2. I and EducateDeviate are featured in the September 2006 issue of Off The Edge, a lifestyle magazine offshoot of Malaysian business paper The Edge – it’s part of the Malaysian Futures series of interviews. I will post up a transcript shortly.

3. The World Bank will post up all the entries of the 2006 Essay Competition shortly. Currently they have a report on the current competition, as well as the winning essays.

So what have I been up to? Plenty: I have just completed volunteering for the Brisbane Writers Festival and Straight Out Of Brisbane, an arts & ideas festival. These gave me hands-on experience in management, logistics, and events, as well as smaller stuff such as working a cash register and checking for ID! It was fun and quite rewarding.

I am also quite busy in university and in college. I have just been elected as International Students Director for the QUT Student Guild, which puts me directly in charge of the international students’ affairs from a student perspective (QUT has their own International Student Services office which is maintained by their own staff). Part of my plan for the coming year is to make more study-abroad options open for QUT students (especially multi-country and alternative types of educational travel) so this should prove interesting!

I’m also getting more and more involved with the college I live in, International House. I’ve participated in their main events such as Soiree (an annual international food & entertainment fiesta, their biggest event) and Dancefest (an inter-college dance competition) and even played squash once, though I’m not really any good! Apparently I made enough of an impact, because I recently received an Acheivement Award for “embodying the spirit of International House” – quite an honour, considering I just arrived here!

It’s by getting involved in activities such as these (and many more) that I really get my education – hands-on experience, interacting with people, learning about the world one on one. There is still the uni coursework and exams to be done (indeed, I am actually procrastinating from a big essay!) but I’d rather my entire degree be made up of experiences like these. At least through there I am really learning.

If you have any updates for me in the world of alternative education, please feel free to share!

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