PR, Republishing, and Other Opportunities

PR (Public Relations) Policy

I don’t mind being contacted by public relations and events management people. It’s hard enough hearing about different opportunities from usual channels, so I do appreciate being informed about other things that are relevant to EducateDeviate. However, I do have some policies on this:

  • Read the blog. Unrelated PR spam just gets you chucked in my spamlist. At least read some of the entries and the About All This page to get a good idea of what EducateDeviate is about. It helps if you refer to something I’ve written in your PR contact email.
  • No mass mailings, please. If you want to pitch something to me, make it personal. It’s more likely to get read that way.
  • If you’re inviting me to an event (to present, to attend, so on):
    • Please provide complete details – location, event description, time, date, contact person, cost.
    • If you would like me to present, work, or host something at the event, some reimbursement for travel & living costs would be much appreciated. I’m open to discussion for this.
    • If the event takes place outside Malaysia/Australia, and you want me to do something at the event (present/host/speak/work/etc), please pay for my ticket, visa, and other travel costs – otherwise don’t bother. I’ve been invited to events in the USA and they’re expecting me to show up in 24 hours. Basically it’s just another sign of unrelated PR spam, as it shows clearly that my blog wasn’t read. Of course, if it’s a matter of “if you’re in the area, you’re welcome to come by” or publicizing the event on EducateDevkate, then don’t worry about tickets šŸ™‚
    • Please make sure the event is related to EducateDeviate – generally youth and education.
    • Do be aware that I would most likely write about the event on EducateDeviate – and it may not always be positive.
  • If it is for a product/book/service/etc review, please provide some way for me to obtain the item for free. So if it’s a book, mail the book; if it’s a service, let me have a free go, etc. I’m not exactly rich, being a college student and all!
    • If I receive something for review, I will be objective about the review (which means it may not always be positive) and I will declare upfront that this review has been sponsored.
    • I can’t exactly review homeschooling programs, just so you know. (One PR person did try to get me to do this. Uh.)
  • If you’d like me to publicize something on my blog, I’ll check it out and make sure it’s actually relevant to EducateDeviate before writing anything. I’ll also mention the source (you) upfront.
  • Please don’t be pushy. If you have not heard back from me, it’s because your pitch was not suitable for EducateDeviate. I’ll let you know if/when I post up your pitch.
  • Bribing me with anything (cash or otherwise) for posts and publicity gets you spam-listed.

I’m generally quite open to contact, really – so long as it’s personal and relevant, it’s all good. Please direct all your PR and pitch emails to my Contact Form.

Republishing For Non-Commercial Purposes

EducateDeviate is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This basically means that you are free to republish any info on this blog as long as:

  • It’s credited to me (Tiara or Tiara Shafiq) and EducateDeviate (preferably with a link back if possible)
  • It’s not for commercial purposes – i.e. you can’t make money off my words. (If you’re reposting this on a blog that has ads on it, you should be fine, as long as it’s credited & linked to me.)

If you’re not certain, please contact me to clarify. I reserve the right to request you to remove my postings from your blog/website/publication if it doesn’t follow the CC license.

Creative Commons License

Republishing For Commercial Purposes

To reproduce my articles for commercial purposes, such as in books, magazines, or newspapers, please contact me directly.

Other Opportunities

I am also open to opportunities in writing, reviewing, speaking, event & program participation, media appearances, charity & volunteering work, and anything else related to alternative education, youths, and non-profits. I am currently based mainly in Brisbane, Australia, though I do return to Malaysia often. I am open to worldwide opportunities. Please contact me for more information.

Linking Back

Feel free to link to EducateDeviate on your websites – and do let me know so I can drop by and link you back!


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  1. hi tiara, i recognize you from LUCT.
    I just finished my diploma in M.A.B majoring in broadcasting.
    i’ll be graduating in a couple of weeks.
    i am currently looking for a job and having a hard time to get one, especially as a fresh grad.
    i wanted to get a job as a production assistant at channel v but having some trouble finding for the contact of the person that i should send my resume to.

    i hope you could help me out coz i’m having problem convincing my parents that i took the right course and chosen the right path for a career even with a result that is top in class.

    would like to hear from you soon.
    thank you for your time.

    vini šŸ™‚

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