Win KaosPilot A-Z 2: Essays on social enterprise

KaosPilot A-Z 2

I am giving away a copy of the now-rare English edition of KaosPilot A-Z, which is filled with essays and stories about social entrepreneurship from KaosPilots board members and friends, such as the late Dame Anita Roddick and Alan Webber of Fast Company, as well as an alphabetical look into life as a KaosPilot.

This book can be bought for DKR 280,- or €40, which doesn’t include shipping and handling. I got mine from a second-hand dealer and it cost me AU$70 all up. And I’m going to give my copy away!

All you have to do is answer these simple questions. All the answers can be found on the KaosPilots.NL website. You’ll also need to describe the KaosPilots Netherlands in your own words. Don’t worry, we don’t need essays )

Anyone can enter! Just get all your entries in by 30th April 2008. The results will be posted here by the 3rd of May at the very latest, and I’ll get in touch with the winner to send the book over.

Don’t hesitate, it’s just a simple task.

Enter Now!

Some reviews of KaosPilot A-Z 2:

Fast Company
Pioneers of Change

Reviews of the original Danish edition, KaosPilot A-Z (the version I’m giving away is in English)


Know a kick-ass indie designer/event manager/promoter?

(cross-posted to EducateDeviate, Wanna Be A KP, and Facebook)

I’ve got some plans to develop EducateDeviate further (to make it more self-sustainable) as well as to boost my chances at getting KaosPilots funding.

To do that, I need help with the following:

  • Web design and development – particularly those who can take my list of “I need my website to do this, that, and the other” and develop a nifty CMS that makes the job easy (more details later) while keeping to a certain aesthetic.
  • Graphic design, particularly for postcards and brochures – I have ideas, I just can’t design all that well
  • Event management – someone who can take my ideas and work out how to make it happen
  • Promotions/marketing/publicity – the maven who can get all that above OUT THERE
Now I am a simple college student, which means I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on this endeavour. (I was looking around yesterday and one company quoted $15,000 for a simple website. DUDE. I could go to UWP again and have change with that money.) However, I would love to support indie young up-and-coming artists/designers/practitioners. I’ve been doing that with fashion and I want to do that with more aspects of my life.

I’m looking for someone who can relate to all this as personal projects – too many other options I’ve seen assume I’m a business and get into business-speak. I want someone that’s human. Someone creative and daring. Someone who would pull me out of my box. Someone young is a bonus.

Know anyone who fits this? Are you willing to help? Drop me a line.

KaosPilots Team 15 Aarhus Applications Open!

The applications for Team 15 of the KaosPilots social entrepreneurship/creativity/design/business school in Aarhus are officially open!

Get it off the KaosPilots website here, or use the Wanna Be A KP mirror.

Applications are due March 14 2008 and shortlisted applicants will be informed on April 5 2008. The admissions workshop for those shortlisted is on April 24-25 2008 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Get your applications in now!

New Project: Wanna Be A KP

I’d like to announce my new blog project:

Wanna Be A KP -
Wanna Be A KP
Tiara’s Attempt At Joining and Finding Funding for the KaosPilots

Keep track of my progress as I apply for the program, try to cajole people to fund me, and learn more about the crazy world of Aarhus and the KaosPilots.

I’ll still be updating this blog, so don’t worry – but do check out Wanna Be A KP too!


Some quick updates on what I’ve been up to:

1. I didn’t get selected for the KaosPilots Stockholm. I was one of two non-Scandinavians in a bunch of 29 (the other was ironically also Bangladeshi, but has been in New York for most of his life and considers himself American) and got on quite well with the others, particularly my specific group. I thought my chances were good, but evidently not. It may have been a language issue – our group was the only English-speaking group, and English was a second language for most of the people.

I can’t talk about the specific tasks, as they’re meant to be kept secret, but suffice to say it was INTENSE. A whole lot of things to do, non-stop from 9 to 9 for two nights. It did seem a little disorganized at times (at least letting us know end times would have been good!!) and it was plenty crazy, especially in the cold snow. But it was a good experience. I’ve been in touch with the people at Aarhus (I had a chance to visit their school too) and I have a lot of support for getting into there, so we’ll see.

2. I’ve done my second year of university, though not too well (due to various factors throughout the year). I’m not sure where I stand university-wise – whether I get to continue as usual or repeat a semester, keep my scholarship or lose it. If I decide to go to Aarhus that would complicate things further. Here’s hoping things work out for the best.

3. I didn’t win the AYA Dream Malaysia Award, but that’s fine as being nominated is already pretty good. My mother and a family friend went to the ceremony on my behalf (I was in Sweden) and they told me it was a lot of fun. Thanks AYA for organizing it and congratulations to the winners!

4. As a result of the AYA nomination, I have earned a year’s worth of hosting and domain. I’m going to use it as my portfolio, and I’m considering moving EducateDeviate there and expanding it further. At least I can pick a better theme! (I’m not sure if I’ll keep using WordPress, even the standalone version. While there are a lot of add-ons, themes, and other things for it, it is a pain to customize without advanced coding knowledge, and their tech support isn’t very impressive.)

Do you have any other ideas for what I could do with the site now that I have a lot more space to play with?

Things will likely get very quiet – I’m trying to work out details for the GK3 conference, but that’s about it really. If you have any ideas for things I could cover or get involved with for the next three months, drop me a line.

Shortlisted for the KaosPilots – off to Stockholm!

I’ve been shortlisted for Team 01 of the KaosPilots Stockholm program, which means being invited to attend a 2-day admissions workshop in Stockholm. From 380 applicants, they chose 100 (including me), and from 100 they’ll whittle it down to 35.

According to the Stockholm crew, I’m the “most antipodean” applicant – I’m flying the furthest to get to Stockholm. If I get in, not only will I be part of the first Stockholm team, I’ll also be the first Malaysian (and possibly the first Asian) in the KaosPilots history. As far as the Stockholm crew are concerned, I’m the only Australian, haha.

I’ll be in Stockholm from November 2nd to 4th, then I’ll visit Aarhus (Denmark) from November 5th to 7th before going back to Stockholm to catch a plane home. If anyone wants to house me or meet up, feel free to contact!

See you in Stockholm!

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KaosPilots: Now This Is Learning

Imagine a business school where all your assignments are real-life projects from real clients. Imagine spending your second year in a different country working on community projects. Imagine your final exam being a sustainable project for change.

For the KaosPilots, this is reality.

I’ll just quote the post I made on MetaFilter about them:

The KaosPilots, deemed “the world’s most adventurous alternative business school“, teaches social entrepreneurship and leadership through real-life situations.

Part of their education involves international outposts in Vancouver, Buenos Aires, and Bahia, working on projects related to business, community, and sustainability. The final exam is an operational project of your own.

Many former students go on to the private sector or create projects and jobs of their own (though creative industries and non-profits are very common).

They have been nominated for design awards, are considered as worldchanging, and have published a book about their methods. New web technologies are highly utilized by both students and board members alike.

The KaosPilots have been based in Aarhus, Denmark for 15 years, but there are also schools running (or about to start) in Sweden, Norway, and The Netherlands, with more coming in other continents.

The KaosPilots are my new obsession. They are EXACTLY what I have been looking for education-wise. I’ve been looking for ways to actually learn how to run projects and gain first-hand experience, and while I was hoping to get that in QUT, I’ve been getting more theory than anything else. This actually makes things RELEVANT – your work actually matters, and your passion is rewarded. Their core values aren’t gooblyspeak, they’re six simple but powerful aims: real world, balance, being streetwise, being playful, risk taking and compassion.

I’ve applied for the Stockholm (Sweden) program, which starts next year. This would be a major change as it means I drop out of university and I have to work out how to support myself in Sweden for about three years. It also costs a LOT, and I’m not sure I can afford it. But the sheer value of the education I receive would be priceless. That’s if I can handle how hardcore it is, anyway. There will be a 2-day workshop in Stockholm in November for those shortlisted, so I’ll know pretty soon if I make it.

I know the people over at the Stockholm KaosPilots have seen this blog, and may still be reading it – HELLO! I’ll also be meeting one current KaosPilot, Kamilla, at the Youth Enterprise Symposium this weekend, and I’ll have tea with Michael Doneman, a KaosPilots board member and founder of Edgeware who also happens to be a postgrad in my faculty. How convenient. I can’t wait to pick their brains and find out what they’re all about.

Do you have any more information on the KaosPilots? Please share them to me, because they’re awesome and I want to know more. Otherwise, watch this video to see how awesome they are: (you might need to amp up the volume on your computer, as the video’s volume is very soft)

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