Vote for an EducateDeviate Proposal on ChangeThis!

My manifesto proposal, How to Get Involved with your Passions (based on this entry) has been approved and is now up for voting on ChangeThis!

ChangeThis manifestos are often filled with useful knowledge and information on self development, business, worldchanging, culture, politics, and other issues. Some of the great ChangeThis manifestos are Change the Way You Change the World, The RenGen Manifesto (great for all educated deviants!), and The Happy at Work Manifesto. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a manifesto written for or by a young person, so this would be quite groundbreaking.

Once the proposal gets enough votes, the manifesto is written, published, and distributed to thousands of readers around the world. This is pretty significant considering that big names in blogging and business such as Seth Godin (who actually founded ChangeThis), Hugh MacLeod (How To Be Creative), and Guy Kawasaki (The Art of the Start is ChangeThis’s first manifesto) have all garnered a lot of respect and fame through their manifestos.

Voting ends January 20 2008 so vote now! And while you’re at it, grab a manifesto or two – they’re all free.