Vote for an EducateDeviate Proposal on ChangeThis!

My manifesto proposal, How to Get Involved with your Passions (based on this entry) has been approved and is now up for voting on ChangeThis!

ChangeThis manifestos are often filled with useful knowledge and information on self development, business, worldchanging, culture, politics, and other issues. Some of the great ChangeThis manifestos are Change the Way You Change the World, The RenGen Manifesto (great for all educated deviants!), and The Happy at Work Manifesto. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a manifesto written for or by a young person, so this would be quite groundbreaking.

Once the proposal gets enough votes, the manifesto is written, published, and distributed to thousands of readers around the world. This is pretty significant considering that big names in blogging and business such as Seth Godin (who actually founded ChangeThis), Hugh MacLeod (How To Be Creative), and Guy Kawasaki (The Art of the Start is ChangeThis’s first manifesto) have all garnered a lot of respect and fame through their manifestos.

Voting ends January 20 2008 so vote now! And while you’re at it, grab a manifesto or two – they’re all free.


VoteEd – Educating Malaysian Voters

Election season is soon to hit Malaysia, and this time around things are bound to get interesting. With the recent rallies by HINDRAF and BERSIH, as well as other political and social events related to human rights, democracy, and national unity, young Malaysians have noticed the need to be more politically aware and that they need to exercise their right to vote and choose.

However, most of these young Malaysians are not experienced with voting. Many have only just been eligible to vote. Many others have not bothered to vote in the past because they feel that their votes do not count. Due to various laws and regulations, as well as the state of media here, there isn’t any clear unbiased way to find out who each consistuency’s representatives are and what each party stands for and is willing to provide.

This is where VoteED comes into play.

VoteED was originally started by writer and activist Michelle Gunaselan, as well as a few other friends, to combat apathy amongst young Malaysians towards voting issues. Their activities center around educating young Malaysians on their rights as voters and on their choices for voting, encouraging young Malaysians to register to vote, and holding discussions and debates about voting, politics, and democracy in Malaysia.

Currently they have a vibrant Facebook group, where they are collecting information about what people want to know about voting. The questions are quite interesting – ranging from whether it’s wise to vote for a party you don’t necessarily like if your local representative is doing a good job, to what avenues and channels you have to air your grievances and concerns about the country. This information will be the basis of a Voter Education Party, to be held in early January.

Join their group and get informed about your options for voting. You have the right to vote (unlike me – I can’t vote in Malaysia despite being here all my life because I’m not a citizen) so make use of it!