Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs WANTED for upcoming eBook

Daniel CerVentus, co-founder of Ideapreneur and myself are looking for 21 candidates to be featured in our upcoming eBook about young Malaysian entrepreneurs.

We are looking for the following:

  • Malaysian – doesn’t have to be a citizen, but has to be connected to Malaysia in some way
  • Age 30 and below by 31st Dec 2008
  • Self made or revolutionary in an an existing business/organization – for profit, non-profit, social enterprise
  • Highly respected in their industry
  • Have great passion for what they are doing.
  • A great example what Malaysia have to offer.

Please send all your suggestions to Daniel or myself before 14th February 2008. Thank you!

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  2. i nominate missbow boutique.
    they operate online since mid may and they have a showroom in bandar utama.
    (website under construction, i think)

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  5. Hi
    i guess we can do something bout it. can i take a look at the previous ebook?

  6. There is no previous eBook. This is the first one.

  7. oh.
    we are just a simple club, “university” club though. But im trying to figure out how to change this perception.

    At first i thought you are looking for the ebook designer. maybe i can help you find one.

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